Obama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions

The regulation would be the latest in a series of E.P.A. controls on air pollution that wafts from smokestacks and tailpipes and will probably set off a battle among public health advocates, industry groups and their Republican allies..

The Republicans are more concerned about the money they get from big
oil and gas than they are about the health of the people of this country.
Thank goodness for President Obama and what he has done for climate
change and other pollutants. Of course he and many others could
do even more by rapidly increasing wind and solar.

11 2017-07-11 05:22:56 - Marvin W.

Thank you Obama for looking out for your citizens unlike your lobbied counterparts.

26 2017-05-28 06:40:36 - John Davidson

Ozone sounds fairly innocuous but is definitey not. Feel a little short of breath on hazy summer days? Ozone. Baltimore, my home town, is especially vulnerable. The history of the EPA is a noble one and cleaning and clearing the air in the US has been a huge benefit to all of us, despite all the "concerns" (paid for an delivered by hard cash, such as coal interests). Let's keep getting better by reducing these toxins.

16 2017-04-14 07:03:36 - DRS

GOP: Smog? Not a problem. Asthma? Who really cares? Heart disease and premature death? Let's impeach the President for protecting the health of Americans. Oh, wait.......let's rethink this........

21 2017-02-08 05:30:03 - treabeton

You have been paying attention, right, since the first night of his first day in office when the GOP elite secretly met to plan their response to his election: fight, stall, oppose and discredit. Not "let's see how we can work with this guy?"

A Republican president won't need to use executive orders to make things happen. Due to Citizens United and the corruption of the census data to draw those safe GOP districts, The GOP would be able to pass whatever law it chose. Should it need its trusty friend, the US Supreme Court, they will surely step in as another helper - as we've seen generally.

4 2016-10-17 16:47:37 - dkensil

The Clean Air Act and its Ozone levels were passed by Congress. Enforcement has been lax due the EPA's funding cuts due to sequestration, past administrations and an incredible lobbying effort by water, air and earth polluting interests. In fact, it got so bad that former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican, stepped down as head of the EPA due to lack of support, funding and th gutting of the department.

Enforcing stricter controls is long overdue but without appropriate funding to carry out its mission and support the agency all will be for naught. We mustn't let it happen.

6 2016-07-16 20:53:34 - ricko

For sure, government regulations would be unnecessary if companies that release pollutants into the air and water were as concerned about our rights to clean air, clean water, good health, and the health of our planet as they are about their bottom line and paying their CEO's salaries large enough to buy a small country--and maintain it. A vital human right is clean air. And as that old saying goes, "your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins." That's likewise true regarding the rights of our nose to breath in clean air free of industry caused contaminants.

4 2016-07-04 04:06:18 - bkay

Sorry to upset so many east coast residents as well as left coast inhabitants, but as a member of the steelworkers union and provider of materials to the oil and gas industry, I, along with my union brothers, cannot agree with Obama. He has been influenced again by left wing social interest groups who promote voodoo science in order to gain presence and notoriety. You can be assured that our international board members and those of us at the local level will continue to remind Obama and our legislators just who provides the real funding for their political campaigns. We as union members contribute huge sums to those we feel can most help our cause. We demand that our voice be heard.

0 2016-06-22 00:08:51 - j.r.

Ozone clouds the better judgement of conservatives in the layer of their cortex which governs common sense and compassion. They're proud of it.

7 2016-06-17 09:36:27 - Murray Bolesta

No confirmations, no appointments, no compromise. If Obama wants war with legislators, give it to him.

1 2016-06-09 04:08:31 - MFW

well you will be long dead before you get a GOP president. by then we will have saved the president. just what is your problem?

1 2016-05-09 00:16:22 - dji

Obama has issued fewer executive orders since Grover Cleveland. So hard to make this about democracy.

8 2016-04-12 14:44:51 - Lymond Crawford

Way to go Mr. President ! I am so thankful to you for helping to save the planet and so encouraging other countries to do the same.

24 2016-03-30 13:42:52 - joan

"... But industry groups say that the regulation would impose unwieldy burdens on the economy, with little public health benefit....";

Three observations arise ...

Now commerce is the engine that keeps everything moving!
The deliberate strangulation of American business continues!
Will America ... or the idea of 'America' ... survive its leftists, liberals ... and Democrats?

0 2016-03-20 18:25:31 - Roger

Eisenhower did 484 Executive Orders during his presidency. Nixon did 346, Ford 169, Reagan 381, G Bush 166 and GW Bush 291. President Obama has done 193 thus far in his presidency. Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was an Executive Order. So, in answer to your question, yes, as a Democrat, I am comfortable with a future Republican president doing Executive orders because as you can see from the numbers above -- Republican presidents have already done many -- in the cases of Nixon, Reagan and GW Bush -- more than Obama.

2 2016-03-15 05:55:21 - 2MTNTOP

What's the point of even having a Congress if presidents don't need to go through them? Do Democrats not realize that by setting such precedents, the next Republican president can skip Congress as well and do whatever he wants without a congressional vote? The next Republican president can lower taxes whenever he wants, without Congress, because Obama has established the precedent that Congress isn't needed. Or overturn Roe v. Wade without Congress? Democrats, you're okay with this?

5 2016-02-27 12:03:28 - LeftyBegone

Can't wait for the next Republican president to 1. rescind all of Obama's EO's, and 2. institute his/her own EO's to lower taxes. Thanks, liberals! We are now a banana republic!

2 2016-01-17 14:00:50 - johnnyH

To clarify:
75 / 1,000,000 is greater than 75 / 1,000,000,000

0 2016-01-15 15:28:06 - Gabriele

The president isn't bypassing Congress, he's bypassing the corporations that own and control it. Stay strong, Mr President.

5 2015-12-26 00:47:43 - Ceadan

Really impressive! And sends a powerful message.

1 2015-12-10 04:27:49 - treabeton

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