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I spent years driving across this nation.

And frankly, I would much prefer to be on the road with a truck driver having driven 80 hours in a week than I would with the general population.

I am not excusing truck drivers who fail to recognize when they are tired, but neither am I excusing other drivers from the mindless and aggressive natures when they get behind the wheel.

5 2017-05-09 08:41:57 - TheOwl

Here is one such video conversation caught on tape after the shooting was observed by a bystander in the hood.
#1 How’d he get from there to there?
#2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck – cause he was like over the truck
#2 But him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran – the police got out and ran after him
#2 Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus - the police had his gun drawn already on him –
#1. Oh, the police got his gun
#2 The police kept dumpin on him, and I’m thinking the police kept missing – he like – be like – but he kept coming toward him
#2 Police fired shots – the next thing I know – the police was missing
#1 The Police?
#2 The Police shot him
#1 Police?
#2 The next thing I know … I’m thinking … the dude started running … (garbled something about “he took it from him”)

2 2017-03-28 15:04:50 - manderine

An owner of a dinner, who pays property tax, water bills, workers comp. and various other fees/expenses has some right to expect a food truck will not park in front of their business. I like food trucks but they should be regulated. Prospect Park has food truck fair on Sunday mornings.

1 2017-03-24 15:51:33 - Erika

Right you are Keith. It's not like hacking is a big surprise any more. The penalty for being hacked should be as severe as it is for the hackers. If you operate a OTR truck with faulty brakes and have an accident, you are held accountable for injury and damages caused by your truck even if the accident was initiated by another vehicle. I cant see a difference .

0 2016-01-07 18:09:03 - The Refudiator

I think that most parents know by now that excessive TV watching is no good and that it's much better to get down on the floor and engage your kids than to let them watch TV for a half hour.

And, yes, I see the excavator and yes it is picking up the rocks and yes it is dumping them in the dump truck and YES the motorcycle is green and YES that is the other motorcycle that is jumping over the dump truck and YES I DO SEE the orange crane picking up the tow truck just like it has been for five minutes and YES I KNOW that tow trucks pull other trucks and PLEASE DO NOT THROW THE TOW TRUCK DOWN THE STAIRS and let's read a book! and please don't climb the bookcase and no we returned that book to the library and we don't have it anymore and no the library is not open RIGHT NOW and I DON'T KNOW why trains have more wheels in the back than in the front and NO YOU CAN'T HAVE A TWIZZLER and let's just be quiet for a minute or two and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JUST STOP TALKING FOR ONE MINUTE BEFORE I JUMP OUT THE WINDOW AND ok, how about we watch that show about trucks that you like?

1 2015-09-13 03:19:05 - Vince

I witnessed a truck accident near Lebanon, MO on I-44, that was probably due to the trucker falling asleep at the wheel. He veered into the median and rolled the truck over. It caught on fire. We all pulled over and several brave men ran to the truck and got him out before the fire got worse.

The trucker wasn't injured that badly, but some people were injured seriously later from the chain reaction crash caused by the traffic jam on the interstate.

Working people need to be protected from exploitation that hurts them and hurts the rest of us.

9 2015-09-06 23:32:31 - h

one other group that suffers from the inconsistent bureaucracy... the customers. i have seen lines around the corner for the korean barbeque truck, the waffles truck, the pizza and fried rice ball truck, the jamaican food truck and the wonderful dessert trucks... but where are they now? i work in midtown, land of overpriced restaurants and tired (and overpriced) salad bars. we workers could use a nice option other than (the admittedly still wonderful) hot dog cart. i love the grilled hot dogs from the guy on the corner, but it would be nice to have something different every day. special interest groups like the restaurants where i cannot afford to go, and commissaries are depriving new yorkers -- who should be at the *forefront* of the food revolution -- of a tasty variety of interesting foods. we should be ashamed that the west coast is way ahead of us in this area. time for a food eaters revolution! people of NYC arise and write your city councilman -- you have nothing to lose but your dirty water dogs! and you don't even have to lose them.

2 2015-08-07 11:33:13 - b. lynch black

There is NO evidence whatsoever that Zimmerman continued following Trayvon once he (Zimmerman) was told by the police to cease ans return to his truck. It very well could be that Zimmerman was confronted/attacked by Martin as he (Zimmerman) was returning to his truck.

3 2015-05-26 16:39:35 - Melissa

I read this while enjoying my food truck lunch of a beet slider, fried tomato slider and curried mushrooms here in Minneapolis. I hope NY figures out a way to get the bureaucrats out of the food truck business. It sounds like New Yorkers are missing out!

2 2015-05-11 15:01:12 - kimc

The rule of thumb in the restaurant business is that the food sales should get you to break even, the alcohol sales provide you with a profit. Your rent shouldn't be over 6% of your gross and your cost of sales should be less than .33%. If you do the math, the food truck that could possibly make any money is the one that has the lowest overhead with the least amount of labor required.

Enter the hot dogs.

Portland has a few things going for it that New York and other places don't – regulations or no. There are food truck areas, dining at a food truck area is considered a night out and the cost of living is much less.

In the food service industry, just because you are busy doesn't mean you can make a profit. The market doesn't dictate the success of the business. In the end, I don't think changing the regulations are going to help the food truck vendors survive.

2 2015-02-13 02:48:53 - Adrianne Dow

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