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Governors Cuomo and Christie should each receive a copy of Green Eggs and Ham even as they staunchly defend their ham-handed, crude, ill advised, unscientifically supported quarantine of Kacie Hickox, and their intentions for exactly the same shameful treatment of all other courageous, heroic medical volunteers returning from the ebola afflicted regions. Christie and Cuomo are the Ted Cruzes of Ebola.

9 2017-08-07 00:52:59 - GR

Interestin, Professor K, that you would choose two authors, both of whom should be permanently banned, to make your point about the differentially discriminatory treatment of providers. In my opinion, based on what I know about them from non-Amazonian sources, is that both of them are traitors, and belong in jail.
As to the 'power' wielded by Amazon? I don't know how Standard Oil was 'tamed', but maybe better-informed heads than I will eventually get involved. Meanwhile, as you point out, Amazon DOES do some things pretty well, and isn't that the name of the game?
Carry On, Doc....

1 2016-05-03 10:50:36 - sandyg

My NPR station switches to the BBC World Service after midnight. Years ago, during a miserable sleepless night, I turned on the radio and was transfixed to hear Seamus Heaney reading Beowulf. Wide awake, no longer miserable, I added this good fortune to my better memories of life. I ordered the book the next day, and as another commentator has already written, Heaney's treatment of the tale is spectacular.

225 2015-11-08 17:51:51 - James

Thank you for bringing this to light, NYTimes. This is important to know and not surprising, but disturbing, nonetheless.
My 19 year daughter just finished her sophomore year in college and I am going to send her this article. I don't want her to have to know about this but it's better than being caught unaware.
Basically, the upshot is that money from sports trumps decent treatment of human beings.. even human beings who have been, based on all the evidence, sexually assaulted.

11 2015-05-27 12:12:25 - rini10

The treatment of a terrorist who held secrets that could save thousands of lives was reasonable under the circumstances. Not waterboarding KSM would be dereliction of duty. War, like politics, is not beanbag.

BTW, as Mark Thomson points out, one of the major goals of sentencing has always been incapacitation, preventing a committed criminal from harming anyone else during his peak years. For some reason, the NYT keeps omitting this fact even though it appears in countless victim impact statements and legislative hearings.

2 2015-03-06 03:47:31 - Mike

We should be looking at the "why." We realize from numerous studies that nurture and environment signficantly contribute to the development of the brain. Whether the children are misdiagnosed or not or whether they should be medicated or not - we see that these children typically have trouble regulating themselves. We have to take a careful look into the factors causing the behaviors we see before we can even go about treatment. Perhaps a societal effort to prioritize new and healthy ways to nurture our kids from birth on can prevent what we are seeing today.

Barbara DiGangi, LMSW

2 2015-02-01 14:24:51 - Project Bond

As a retired early childhood teacher in low income settings, I had only 1 child in 35 years for whom I would recommend seeing a pediatrician for possible treatment with Ritalin. And this was only after six months of observation and working with this child with school support from spec ed consults. Prior lack of active parenting, shaping behavior, poor nutrition, and over stimulation by a culture that thrives on high multi-sensory stimulation contributes to a difficult beginning for sensitive young children. Early childhood educators must re parent children in many cases, and for the difficult ones, work together with families to commit to working with that child who needs extra attention. Parents and our society in general, want instant answers, easy remedies, but with fragile young children, and the youngest among us entering high stress school settings, parents need to stop, slow down,recognize and attend to their child.. It takes time.Teachers need smaller classroom groups in the lower grades, and must provide more information on causes such as poor nutrition, over stimulation, and how to reenergize and commit themselves to the difficult task of parenting. Unfortunately, the treatment methods for the range of behaviors good and bad in growing children requiring cooperation and patience by parents and teachers have been cooped by drugs which are reflective of a larger problem,, the quick fix pills in our society which have a dehumanizing effect on our individuality.

5 2014-12-17 01:28:43 - moonmom

What about the equal treatment of secular and religious folks?

For instance, as long as RFRA stands -- it would be illegal for me to smoke peyote (not that I have any interest in doing so, but let's ignore that fact; we're talking rights regardless of whether they'd be exercised), but it would be legal for a traditional-belief Native American within the context of a religious ceremony. Should his belief grant him that immunity? Would not have a better solution have been to legalize peyote for everybody?

4 2014-11-11 10:58:30 - LW

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