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Too many of us old white Southern men. But we're working on it.....

3 2016-04-18 22:03:36 - Lew Powell

What would be your reaction to Mexican-American paramilitary forces in southern California, Arizona, and Texas attacking American military bases and civilians in a demand for independence. Would you like to support their struggle for independence? Give them the land without a fight. I think not. Good or bad, there have been established borders for close to a century.

Don't get me wrong, Turkey has not treated the Kurds well. However, this was gradually changing for the better. There are many Kurdish members of parliament and Kurds are involved in Turkish civil society. Repression of Kurdish language and culture was being repealed. However, in recent "protests" PKK members have attacked other Kurds, Turks, and government buildings in protest of inaction in Kobani.

These strike are not aimed at random Kurds, they are aimed at a terrorist organization.

4 2015-05-29 10:33:28 - ON CALL

The Greens are Southern Baptists.

1 2015-04-19 23:35:48 - bflojo

We have lived in Southern California for 23 years and can remember seeing so many beautiful birds every time we opened our back door. Now we have crows, thousands and thousands of crows,like a Biblical plague. They have displaced or killed off so many of the other species. The only local bird that will stand it's ground against them is the mockingbird and there are fewer and fewer of them. I was told that crows are considered an endangered about removing them from the list for a while?

0 2015-03-13 11:18:06 - bobbiek

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