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People who have seen Braveheart too many times, and who haven't thought through the implications.
A truly independent nation would need its own military, its own currency, its own passports, its own health care system, its own everything. Basically Scots nationalists hadn't provided for any of that or any of the myriad other details. Basically, as I said in another comment, they're like teenagers who want to continue to live in the house, come to dinner, and get driven to the mall, and get their tuition paid by the 'rents; then yell 'treat me like a grownup, you're not the boss of me'.
In a world in which consolidation equals increased power and security, balkanisation is a terrible idea. Two smaller weaker nations instead of one stronger united one. It's why we forsook the Articles of Confederation and adopted a Constitution here for the United States. Admittedly there's a certain amount of grumbling from states that mutter about going their own way (Texas) but generally clearer heads prevail. The one time in the US they didn't, 150 years ago, the Confederacy, like Scots separatists, were focused on a single economic issue and sentimental nostalgia for a 'tradition' and 'heritage' that was largely factitious if not actually spurious. The rebs knew what they were agin, but only vaguely what they were for.

6 2016-04-11 14:37:56 - ACW

It's almost comical to think about the assumptions behind the writer’s surprise and frustration, that doctors, nurses and complicated “procedures” follow well understood protocols that largely lead to beneficial outcomes for patients. The writer should forgo any hope of a clear, plain language dialogue between a “provider” and a patient until we all can at least recognize that they practice their profession(s) according to motivations and standards that maximize their enrichment, protection and convenience.
It takes a bit of digging, but the evidence is there in the CMS data that shows the explosive growth of many procedures and other therapeutic interventions the minute a chink in the cost-containment armor is discovered. That evidence can also be found in the stunning epidemiology of medical-related mortality and morbidity, suggesting that on balance for many patients no care is the better option.
Underpinning all this is the “tradition” of medical decision making that uses physician discretion rather than evidence to decide how to treat a patient. ObamaCare, the HiTech Act’s investment in EMR's and even the recent consolidation of physicians into larger practices and institutions have done nothing to change that system.
"First, do no harm", what a joke.

2 2016-02-11 21:27:55 - Xavier Grotto

Yes, the basic science is far from definitive. While cannabinoids can be neuroprotective in some circumstances -- epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, etc, where the inhibitory function of cannabinoids on the CNS can be helpful -- plenty of research exists to suggest that it can alter neural development, impair memory consolidation, and induce psychosis. So yes, patents can exist for it to be used in some circumstances while its use by the general population can still be overall adverse. I would suggest you read a recent New England Journal review article on the adverse effects of marijuana if I thought you would actually take the time to listen to someone else's viewpoint.
Your cavalier comments and statement that you have killed my argument is insulting and misinformed. Kindly educate yourself beyond a quick google search or leave the discuss to those of us in the medical community who are educated on the subject.

0 2015-12-10 20:12:23 - Syd

Sleep is one of the big mysteries of science that we will never solve completely because it makes no sense from an evolutionary standpoint, and because scientists will never be present during sleep's deepest phases to witness what is happening there. Why would a mammal expose itself to dangerous predators for up to 8 hours at a time in the middle of the wilderness? Ask evolutionary biologists this question and you will finally hear the real answer, which is the sound of crickets in the background, I.E., silence on this topic. They don't know.

So we get all this "recharging" nonsense, and information consolidation stuff. We need to unburden ourselves from the notion that we all sleep straight through the night, or that we all need the same sleep patterns. Writing complicated articles about different ways of sleeping before different sorts of tests is journalistic noise of its own kind. Each person needs to become an expert on who they are, and what their biological needs are. Keep a diary if that helps you, and know that dreaming can help you figure out what you want and who you are. But it will interrupt your sleep. Life is about finding out your desires, and one of your deepest ones is the need for sleep. It's a paradox.

1 2015-10-13 19:17:35 - Rob L777

What I am told is that America as presently constituted has no future. There are some really important problems to be addressed that need some consensus. The problems that need solutions things like wealth consolidation and global warming need at least to be recognized. These problems will never be addressed as long as 50% deny there is a problem.
America is broken beyond the point at which it can be repaired.
The world needs a new America which is prepared to live in the 21st century. The world is a different place, words like social, communist, capitalist, liberal and conservative have little meaning in our world of serious problems where survival means pragmatism not 19th century ideologies. Here in Canada our three major parties social democrats, liberals and conservatives are distinguished by policy not over arching ideology.
The chances of the people of the US escaping the disaster of intransient political debate I would estimate at less than 1%. The USA's day in the sun is over and I pray that the transfer to the new regime is peaceful and orderly. The world requires calm to properly reflect on where we all want to go and is aghast that a calm serene president is so reviled.
50/50 is not a solution for a world looking for direction!!! God bless the world but please please please God bless the US of A.

3 2015-08-17 13:48:37 - Montreal Moe

A nice romantic piece about Italy. However most of my Italian friends are not so stoic as to be able to reflect on the impermeable state of history and shrug it off. They are more than disgusted. They are desperate as the wheels of government have ground to a halt in face of corruption and political turmoil. The university system has been particularly hard hit where "consolidation" and the suspension of resources has led many talented academics to seek " una porta" or a way to exit to retirement or a job abroad. Yes there will always be the talented barista shuffling espresso and the scrumptuous carciofi and the elegant shops on via Veneto for tourist enjoyment. However even on sunny spring day for most Italians there is a black cloud that shrouds hope for a better future.

5 2015-07-10 04:40:29 - wb

It took me a while to understand two amendments, the Ninth and the Second.

The Ninth with an almost phantasmagorical portrayal implied we had rights beyond counting. If a claimed right was not forbidden outright or otherwise constrained, we had it. We have the right to wear shoes too small for comfort. We have the right to defend ourselves. We have the right to remain ignorant. We have the right to be educated. We have the right to … without end.

The Second seemed crafted to authorize each of the 13 new nations to defend itself against nearby nations, i.e., former colonies which did not always enjoy full trust, as well the more distant ones such as England or Spain.

Consolidation and unification of 13 rebellious new nations into a larger nation, and now joined by an additional 37 territories and states, is still an ongoing process. Tolerance of others who might be different never seems to be at the top of the list of rights and respect we can show everyone. Will our offspring see this in 2114? Not likely. 2214? Maybe? 2314? I hope our species survives that long.

Do we really need to kill somebody due to a different skin color, an aroma from different recipes, or different tastes in clothing? Just how shallow are we?

3 2015-03-29 11:35:36 - Arthur

'Professional opinions on the nature of the financial crisis and on how to address it have not converged, and caution is needed in drawing policy lessons from an unprecedented episode. There is a growing recognition that a more sustained fiscal expansion in large advanced economies would have been beneficial. On the other hand, debates will likely continue on the relative risk of policies given the information available at the time. In any case, the IMF showed openness and flexibility in reconsidering its fiscal policy advice once the growth outlook worsened, calling for a slower pace of consolidation. At this juncture, the IMF should strive to remain a focal point of debate and discussion and continue to encourage an environment that remains genuinely open to alternative perspectives.'

1 2014-11-10 01:38:49 - pieceofcake

I think it is a false argument that ignores the actual problem.
The main reason for the gridlock in government as I see it is the redefinition of what "reporting" for "The Press" actually is along with consolidation of ownership into the hands of people with a conflict of interest between the Duty to Report and Explain to the People HONESTLY without deception or partisanship and the deregulation that has allowed them to consolidate as well as redefine what partisanship and objectivity is.
Reason is reasonable and leads to a limited often restricted to one-thing, results. That is not partisan it is reason. Reason has been intentionally confused and manipulated to obscure the little bit of certainty and objectivity it gives us. Reason is the basis of the ideas our nation is founded upon. Opinion cannot change the results obtained by reason. These results can only change if one finds fault in the reasoning, or the facts used change by legit process. A large part of the assault on reason has involved making it seem normal and rational to insert opinion and unchecked facts into the reasoning process which creates false results. Well-chosen deceits lead to planned for results.
There is a very good reason for why Honesty is so important as is its handmaiden, Trust to the operation of our system.
What I say here is knowledge that should have been internalised by the time you are in 4th grade. Since so many adults clearly don't have this understanding I have to ask why???????

0 2014-11-09 02:30:57 - magicisnotreal

I can't help but theorize about how much of a role American governmental dysfunction is playing in helping Putin to take Russia back to his/its USSR roots. It is clear that the lack of collaboration by our Legislative Branch and our Executive Branch has created concerns in the world about how well the U.S. can operate as a world leader. It also seems clear that Putin, ever vigilant in seeking opportunities to put Russia under more "USSR-like" control, sees this U.S. dysfunction as the perfect time to consolidate his power and recreate the totalitarianism of his youth. The teaching, or for Putin the indoctrination, of children falls squarely into his continued power consolidation and now the next generations of Russians will be taught and brought up to see Russia the way Putin wants it seen, with him on his horse ever the savior of all things "Russian". This is very sad and something that can get turned around sooner rather than later....

4 2014-11-05 17:42:27 - Chad Winston

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