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President Barack Hussein Obama and the American Political leadership has made an important stance against use of Chemical weapons. But, has it been proven beyond doubt who made use of these weapons in Syra, and on order from who? Who will suffer from a military attack, and who will benefit? President Vladimir V. Putin has offered a very well written analysis. I hope his reflective views and good will will be valuated and respected by the American leadership. The Security Counsel should continue to search for verified information and solutions.

1 2018-05-21 19:35:18 - Geir Tufteland

Similar arguments throughout this nation's history have been made against immigrants from other countries. I'm sure that somewhere in your own past there were poor relatives coming here to make a better life. The sacrifices made by American citizens to welcome those who wish to be part of this country always pays off in the long run. It is probably the most defining aspect of American history. Without the welcome mat, who are we?

13 2016-12-02 11:09:22 - Ron
Absolutely, I would prefer to buy American-made clothing & other products. I think the potential for higher quality comes with stuff made here. Politically & philosophically, I WANT to support my country's economy & my fellow citizens' ability to find a decent paying job. Sure, I'll pay a higher price for American-made clothes; I prefer quality over quantity. My closet is only so big.
7 2016-09-23 08:58:21 - Nina

Isn't this the story of every company? The average person, who may be in a customer-facing role, makes a low salary while the Romney types rake it in. This has been the American way for quite awhile.

More importantly, let's start building things in THIS country again. Build iPads HERE. I've told the story a few times now about going to a chain pet store and being unable to find a cat toy or feeding dish that made in this country. Are we sending the message that a catnip toy for a kitten can't be produced in this country? Give me a break.

Bring American items back to America. I'm willing to pay more for an item that says "Made in the USA."

19 2016-01-17 14:45:52 - Debra

Therein is the fundamental problem in the one true religion we worship -- American Capitalism. We actually think wealthy people are "self made."

Do you honestly think Bill Gates is "self made?" Or Steve Jobs? Or Zuckerberg? Or any one of the Russian oligarchs on the Forbes list?

No one gets to the top by themselves. They have help along the way -- and they step on a lot of backs on their way up.

15 2015-09-18 03:31:59 - John L

If I have a choice, I will go with American Made, and gladly pay a bit more over something made in some country with no labor or environmental laws to speak of.

3 2015-08-05 14:06:46 - bklyncowgirl

This means we'll never get out of Afghanistan. Once American corporations find out there's money to be made, what's a few thousand American lives, as long as their bottom lines are fattened. Sad.

1 2015-04-10 12:25:01 - tony83703

AHA! Yes, the American way of life will be saved... or will continue.. or whatever...
How? Why?
The RAPTURE! It's tailor-made for the American!

0 2015-03-18 20:54:58 - Claude Balloune

I have read Anti-American hyperbole all my life. This is different. There are some things here that grab the attention.

Pres. Putin's argument would be stronger if he had pointed to lessons learned on the negative consequences of Russian excesses. Omitting these leaves him open to the charge of hypocrisy.

"American Exceptional-ism". I do believe that as far as he goes President Putin has made a disturbing point. But, "American Exceptionalism", is NOT defined by U.S. policy..

American Exceptional-ism is rooted in dichotomy. God made us all equal but what we do with that makes us each different and, thus, we become unequal. Pres Putin is correct to point out Obama's error.

Obama's idea of exceptional-ism IS dangerous. It says, "America is exceptional! Therefore we are exempt from rules!" Really? True American Exceptional-ism is not about policy. It is about people. Pres Putin understands this. Why else address the American people directly?

American Exceptional-ism reflects that Americans, (even if wrong about it), are all deeply concerned with doing the right thing. Unlike almost any country that has existed in history America does not limit it's definition of "the right thing" to those things that are in its interest. Hence the "liberation" of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I must salute the President of Russia for this honest criticism that avoids ranting hyperbole. This is a man that I can listen to. Even if I disagree.

2 2015-02-18 02:03:01 - AWinter

It's worth pointing out that the police shown in the lead picture are carrying American-made assault rifles. Who made this war? We did. It's time to destroy the Military Industrial Complex before they destroy America.

0 2015-02-15 03:02:11 - Andrew

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