Birthday Party At Gymboree Price


I'm reading Elizabeth Warren's book, "A Fighting Chance" and am at the part where her work to establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" has just come to fruition and Pres. Obama is signing the big Dodd-Frank Bill into law. The CFPB was established under that law. It had originally given the CFPB the right to regulate car loans, but the no-guts Congress pulled that part when the car dealerships' lobby screamed at them and they folded. Too bad. This is just the kind of thing CFPB was set up to protect consumers from. By the way, a number of compromises had to be hammered out with Republicans to get Dodd-Frank enacted. Sen. Scott Brown engineered the last big one by laying the multiBILLION $$$ price tag for overseeing banks on the taxpayers rather than leaving it with the banks--go Tea Party: "Ever since the United States began writing rules for financial institutions, the banks have always paid the costs of regulation. The price tag for enforcing the new bank reforms was estimated to be about $19 billion and the current version of the reform bill specifically said that the biggest financial institutions would pay for it. Now Senator Brown threatened to hold up the bill unless that provision was changed. He insisted that the taxpayers, not the big banks, pick up the tab." (p. 160, "A Fighting Chance" by Elizabeth Warren) The next time a Tea Party (or any conservative) tells you s/he is for lightening the load of the taxpayer, please remember Scott Brown!

6 2016-07-26 16:37:32 - voldemortvotesrepublican

Mr. Irwin gets this right, I think. The risk to investors, and hope for the rest of us, is that Greek resistance to grinding impoverishment may embolden others in Europe to oppose the creditor-driven policies. I don't think the markets know how to price that risk in.

It seems clear, however, that Syriza has the opportunity to become the first governing party to offer an alternative to the backwards fiscal policies that are depressing the European economy. While bad for the banks, it could turn out to be good for everyone else.

4 2016-02-25 02:19:02 - Matt P

Don't forget that the Pharma bill passed by a Republican Congress in 2002-2003 BLOCKED the US government from negotiating pricees with the drug companies, as the VA and Medicare do. This means that the federal government must pay full price.

This was mandated by the party that's always shouting about the "free market."


3 2015-12-31 03:12:52 - DickeyFuller

How do you live and work in a country in which you have no respect (or shared values) for the elected representative body of government? To quote a phrase "to live outside the law, you must be honest".

This 'generational grip' on the HoR will be the lesson we pass to the Millenials, Gen-Xers and the like. As once was said - "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty". And so we endure.

BTW - I am an independent voter (left leaning), last registered with the Peace and Freedom party.

0 2015-09-02 01:17:41 - Tim

Nice try but as much as the administration might want to squeeze Russia by lowering the price of oil it is driven by the free market. The price of oil should never have been this high in the first place as it was inflated by speculators playing the futures market. Add to that more production from the shale fields and lets consumption and you have a over supply.

0 2015-09-01 17:56:10 - Gary

What has happened in the South is not revolutionary but evolutionary. Students of politics saw this coming. Democratic part paid a hefty price by doing what is right -- on cultural issues as well as economic and social ones. It essentially brought the country to a place where no other liberal democracy -- European or otherwise -- came closer. Our leadership in the world did not come easily.

But the Party did not do even a marginally decent job of selling that to the nation. Just as they didn't do a good job of what the Obama Administration did during the last election. The Part essentially tried to run away from all the right things it has done.

This too shall pass. But as any pregnant woman will eventually give birth to a child. But having proper care and a good midwife will make sure the process is safe and the mother will survive. So the Party needs to bring this to the American people, not just to the intellectuals and academics.

8 2015-08-30 14:51:31 - Ranjith Desilva

The Democrats are the party of massive immigration - legal or otherwise. What does a flood of immigrants do to the job market and the price of labor?

6 2015-07-09 10:27:48 - Eric

We have an election in just weeks. Which party will vow to alter the laws so that Medicare and Medicaid can negotiate drug prices?

Just say no – no more price gouging!

I hope the media makes this a topic for debate during the election.

2 2015-04-03 10:42:40 - newsblues

The Democrats need to share the blame for this debacle. I am very disappointed with the gutless "fight" the Democratic party waged. They never pushed back and made it clear that Obama has accomplished many gains during this presidency- affordable health care for millions, stabilizing the economy, and Iraq to name a few. Not to mention the Democrats did not hold the Republican party accountable for their obstructionist tactics. Instead they folded and distanced themselves from the President. Cowards!

I am disappointed that Mitch McConnell won, but Alison Lundergan lost my respect when she would not admit to voting for Obama. That was so gutless, and symbolic of this entire election. Stand for something, or fall for anything- and Democrats took a BIG fall today! Now we all have to pay the price.

I would never vote Republican, but I give them credit for one thing. They know how to put up a fight. Too bad they are fighting for the wrong things. I would say President Obama is on his own now, but apparently that's nothing new.

3 2014-11-07 01:12:19 - my 2 cents

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