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Gee, Ross, you mean as opposed to the greed-is-good, never-too-rich-or-too-thin, only-suckers-pay-taxes, Billionaire-Boys-Club ideologies that characterized Reaganism? Or how about the Hell No We Won't Go burn-your-draft-card '60s youths who later--in comfortable middle age--declared that no-exceptions military service should be compulsory for all those selfish spoiled youngsters? Or your own penultimate-year-of-Generation-X (you're younger than I thought, Ross) bunch who are pretty much on the scene now and seem to be the basis for so many of your current complaints?

Oh, yes, the millennials have a tough act to follow.

2 2016-12-18 07:29:21 - Hans Christian Brando

In his analysis of the remarried and communion controversy, Ross left out the Church will gladly distribute communion to those remarried if they pay the large sum for an annulment. It sounds like the reactionary bishops have been whispering in Ross' ear.

17 2016-11-25 16:14:42 - Tony

I too fell in love with Paul Klee's art when I was 12 after a recommendation by my English teacher to look at his art. I too seek out his work at every museum I visit. And every time I teach him to my art history students I soar again with wonder at his visual genius and seemingly unending imaginative creativity. Although an art historian, I find myself often falling in love with works of art that are not my "specialty" (American art--landscape painting) and from periods far from my academic concern. Indeed, it is when I can just look, ruminate, and enjoy as pure pleasure that I encounter that transcendental experience that can be art, and the work of art becomes part of me and I become part of it.

0 2016-10-25 08:52:45 - Janice Simon

Too bad Ross Perot's excellent arguments against NAFTA had to be presented by the mercurial Ross Perot. Instead we got Clinton's slick sell-out of the middle class. I voted for Clinton twice but I wish someone had wised me up as to whose interests he really represented and whose interests his wife represents today.

2 2016-10-09 05:04:15 - Stan Continople

As an evangelical who reads the NYT each day, I have found Ross' 'blogs' refreshing for no other reason than the NYT's has hired him and allowing him to publish them. For a paper that is so consistently on the left on almost everything (which I find frustrating despite my daily consumption of its 'news'), I am heartened by an actual debate/discussion going on in this very large public forum. For once, I feel especially gladdened that I have chosen to read this paper. Ross, you are taking lots of hits from readers but I'm glad, really glad, that you writing on this -- even if I do not agree completely with the traditional Catholic position.

1 2015-12-09 04:11:13 - rev_B

Relaxing annulment restrictions? Might one remind Ross of the unseemly personal failings that culminated in the annulments granted (under stringent restriction, right?) to Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich? If that is restrictive, than who is NOT entitled to an annulment in the Church?
Pope Francis is attempting to drag the Church into the 21st Century. Ross Douthat stands athwart this effort, shouting "NO!"

24 2015-07-03 23:30:16 - Paul

"I think the University's governing body should consider firing both of them."

Why? Neither were responsable for the scandal. The scandal started in 1993. Ross came in in 2011 and Folt in 2013. The fake classes, according to the report, ended in 2011 and both Ross and Folt have pursued them aggressively. Why would they be removed for what happened under prior administrations?

4 2015-06-06 19:38:45 - ChapelThrill23

I would like to direct your attention to Bernie Sanders--senator, Vermont-- and Elizabeth Warren--senator, Massachusetts--two Democrats who champion a higher minimum wage, major investment in infrastructure, education, raising taxes on the plutocrats, reduced spending on militarism, and so on. I understand your cynicism, but you need to open up your lens on the political world and to stop painting its landscape with such a broad brush. Maybe pay a little visit to Bill Moyers's website.

5 2014-12-10 19:38:02 - Mr.EG

"Conservatives oppose assisted suicide more fiercely,"
That's it? That's as far as Douthat is willing to go in regard to his fellow travellers? The rest is devoted to his deconstruction of some liberal Hamletian moral freeze.
Ross saw no merit in identifying the other states that have allowed physician assisted suicides - WA, MT, VT, and NM along with Oregon they are are traditionally liberal states.
Another missed opportunity Ross. You appear to be want to aim high but you fail to understand that the target is right front of you.

9 2014-11-09 02:44:22 - P G

Ross, Ross, I hope your understanding of theology is better than your history. Since the Pope had already given Henry VIII dispensation to marry Catherine, he would not then give him dispensation to divorce her. Especially while Spain was so powerful. It was not about willingness to lose England over theological principle.

66 2014-11-07 03:15:30 - Michael

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