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The rebels did have a motive and ability to launch such an attack. Together with the lack of evedance that the Obama administration has produced gives a HUGE reasonable doubt.
Furthermore if we side step the UN process because "It doesn't work" we risk further undermining the credibility of the UN council. This would not only be unwise, it would also label the US the Aggressor in this war we have no business getting involved in.
All that is compounded by the fact that our enemies are now part of the rebel force to great extent.

We would not only violate the UN agreements, support our enemies that wish to kill us but also anger many nations we currently have good relations with but we would be causing more civilian deaths all because we ASSUME the Assad regime who have nothing to gain by this attack are guilty.

The rebels had everything to gain, Assad had nothing to gain and we have no proof Assad committed this atrocity.

0 2018-05-06 08:27:38 - Not Rep or DEM

As the Ebola crisis grows worse and people's fear escalates, now they have discovered a vaccine for guess what... EBOLA!! Being designed a decade ago, the vaccine, know as VSV-EBOV, became another achievement that has been neglected by the world's big pharmas because “there’s never been a big market for Ebola vaccines.” To me this particular comment is just harsh and selfish especially to the people who are suffering.

As mentioned in the article, companies usually refuse to invest in researches that would specifically help the people in poor countries. I understand that companies wanted to make profit because that is the whole point of business. But does that mean you're justified for not helping people because you're not making money? I bought a 3ml eye drop (just for allergies) that costed me 30 dollars and I felt ripped off. Now I feel guilty for buying stuff that is taking away the funding for medicine/vaccine that would ACTUALLY save people's lives!

6 2016-09-15 02:44:25 - seagullboost

These costs are beyond obscene. The whole idea of making meds such a big expense, and therefore holding the costs above the heads of almost any living person is business as usual. However, I submit that it definitely is part of the problem - as essential to the most basic part of the formula as the effectiveness of the drug itself.

Consider, in almost any other endeavor, such a cost would be seen as a total failure of the product:

Who would grow a food nobody could ever afford to eat...

Construct a building nobody could ever afford to buy or live in...

Create a rescue system that ultimately was unable to ever reach those who need rescuing...

..and call it a success?

The entire system has to be retooled - top to bottom. Sadly, we are not likely to get help from our government on this, as our leaders stopped engaging in the act of public service long ago, focusing instead on their own favorite interests, or the one who will pay the most money into their election fund.

Yet another sign of "American exceptionalism" - that we are exceptionally broken as a nation.

2 2016-08-29 09:59:26 - Gwbear

This business of torture drifts into one of those grey areas of life which is often carefully avoided by the general public, not knowing all the facts, not knowing the precise methods used, or the dire need to obtain information so that future atrocities can be stopped dead in their tracks. We hate to believe that sadism can be unleashed on helpless men, and that a blind eye could be turned. Yet as much as we wish to believe our own country is a fine and basically noble one, we have to accept that emotions can be stretched too far when we are attacked by cowardly forces who murder innocent members of the public, without the guts to face their enemies face to face armed with weapons while the victims are unarmed and helpless. That becomes sadism, and the end results to beat them must excuse the means used to stop them dead in their tracks.

1 2016-08-05 16:36:38 - John Perks

It maybe courageous on her part. But, she has the wherewithal, support, unlimited resources and help on her side. She is, in fact, opening a Pandora's box and God knows how many women will now race to get their genes tested, undergo unnecessary radical surgery, incur incredible medical costs and if they are unable to, live in a constant state of fear, agony and helplessness. What she did is her private business! She has no right, as a highly visible public figure, to encourage other women to do what she did.The link to the fancy hospital shines light on the difference between her and other ordinary women and their access to good medical care at all times. For her, with her family history, she needed the test. It is not necessary or advisable for every woman to get this type of test because the consequences can be terrible and irrevocable. Remember, surgeons are always more than happy to get their scalpels out....they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

1 2016-03-07 21:05:40 - SKR

Our involvement dilutes the medicine that should be self administered. The Arab world allowed ISIS to propagate and it must be the Arab world that takes control and it must be done without outside intervention.

Our involvement will unify a couple of factions against ISIS and as we have already seen that unification will deteriorate quickly when we leave. We are the crutch that props up a failing society. Their world is fractured and splintered by absolutism and fundamentalism and we temporarily prop it up.

It's like the Methodists and Episcopalians going to war over the number of nails used at the crucifixion. Now enter the Baptists to disprove the Shroud of Turin. With the Church Of Christ taking over control of the local governments. They all believe in the same God and the Power of Christ but have very different doctrines.

We have no business in this fight. If it is to be resolved it must - MUST - be done by the Arab world. Would we welcome the Arab Worlds help with our police situation in St Louis?

0 2016-01-13 04:21:05 - CR Dickens

NATO should have been disbanded when the Warsaw Pact dissolved. It is a political anachronism looking for an excuse to exist as far as I can tell.

As fas as the "invasion of Crimea" is concerned it was a remarkably peculiar "invasion" indeed ... Crimea held a plebiscite where they announced their intention to join Russia, and then the Russian soldiers already stationed in Crimea simply left their bases. Post- the voted-for "invasion" Crimeans report greater incomes and overall economic well-being.

The East of Ukraine has voted to be effectively independent of Ukraine. This is because they do not want to be part of the Russia-hating Ffascist/newo-NAZI regime in Kiev. In the battle of which oligarchs hold power they appear to have chosen their own independence and Russian oligarchs.

The US has no business intruding in what is happening their.

2 2015-09-03 07:14:21 - CAF

How is is possible for the United States to have been surprised by ISIS? Who is ISIS? What are the historical threads that have lead to its development? How is it funded and who is funding it? Who comprises ISIS' ranks and leadership and how have they been so successful? This is not an entity that suddenly materialized. Demonizing ISIS is a substitute for thought. And though defeating ISIS is a necessary condition it is by no means sufficient to insure stability for it can give birth to new, virulent progenies, the product of hatreds, grievances, abuses etc. that can go back millenia. Unhappily, our less than sophisticated Middle East policy that succeeded in destroying a truly distasteful but secular government we could and did do business with in Iraq and trying to do the same in Syria, along with the completely misunderstood "Arab Spring" ( really more of a Middle East Nightmare) has led to increased and dangerous instability and chaos that could very well metastasize beyond the Levant and Iraq.

4 2014-12-26 15:24:33 - Elliott Jacobson

A nice, ordinary, business-as-usual article which produces nothing new. In point of fact, we human beings are not mandated by "nature" to primarily pass on our genes. That is old thinking and terribly simplistic. We are far more in charge of our feelings than we like to know. Happiness is indeed a choice -- even in concentration camps. It is all dependent upon our thinking, our attitudes and beliefs. Ask truly happy rich, famous people and they will probably tell you their riches and fame are the least of it. Nature does care whether we are happy or not. In fact, she cares about all life upon her. That's why she provides so abundantly for us all. Happiness means harmony, balance, the joy of life. Animals have a sense of well-being even when they are dying. THIS is what human nature yearns for. But as long as we continue in the old paradigm of bio-mechanistic thinking this great truth will evade our perceptions.

0 2014-11-17 12:25:05 - Zoe

I am reading many comments advocating a "disentanglement" from the middle east. That is all very nice - the idea of letting the rot of Islamic extremism fester in its own lands, and let the civilized people of the Middle East deal with the problem by themselves.

All very nice, but practically impossible. As long as the Koch Brothers, the oil companies and all the vultures that circle around the fossil energy business continue exercising their enormous power, we will keep on being subservient to Saudi Arabia - the one true source of the most virulent Islamic extremism - and all the evil that it has spawned over the past several decades.

You want disentanglement? Then let's get serious with a radical renewable and alternative energy policy for the Western world, and kick the oil industry lobbyists (and their bought politicians) out of Washington, once and for all.

12 2014-11-11 07:26:37 - andy

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