Can I Get A Cell Phone Plan With Bad Credit


Sorry Ross, I am a just pre baby boomer and have seen as people grow older (not necessarily mature) they drop into predictable patterns. They will become more conservative, marry more and often and want to keep what they have. The main deference is the ever present cell phone which for most increases self indulgent tendencies. We are no longer confronted with the specter of World Communism but world domination by the electron.

1 2016-10-21 06:56:07 - Don Grant

This is an excellent idea. Perhaps badges that can be scanned phones, and there is always the cell phone photo. The only problem is that in the victim's situation, any challenge puts that person further at risk. A biased, prejudiced but honest cop will maybe let someone go and admit tacitly that they made a mistake, but a crooked and more malign person may then be provoked into manufacturing evidence.

4 2016-04-30 15:55:34 - Linda

...maybe we should outlaw putting hands in pockets? I believe police need to see a weapon to assume a suspect is armed.

This is why they get into trouble in shootings when it turns out the suspect was reaching for or holding a cell phone - not a weapon.

0 2016-03-05 06:18:16 - Lynn

Or, preferably, recast, e.g, 'Fewer than one in 25 Europeans can now connect to high-speed cell phone networks, compared to nine in 10 Americans.' You could also use percentages consistently, since one in 25 Europeans is 4% of Europeans vs 90% of Americans. The contrast between 4% and 90% might even be more effective in making the writer's point.

0 2016-02-25 00:28:08 - ACW

Is it working ?
Well, the senatorial candidates don't think so because they avoid it like endorsing the Ebola virus .
Please call Obamacare what it is - Redistribution of wealth . What do you think subsidies are ? Part of Obamas cell phone stash ?
The actual costs will not manifest themselves until implementation is complete .
Not even mentioning the adverse effect on the quality of medicine .

17 2016-02-09 15:05:12 - Don

From the volatility of the polls, to the uncertainty of ascertaining true voter intent to the problems of cell phone response versus land lines, the level of uncertainty is extremely high.
These models look so certain, but I wonder if they don't turn out as valid as man made climate change.
By mid January, a 50 50 senate would not surprise me.

3 2015-12-27 19:22:26 - Roach of Manassas

I hope I am not reading more than what's there in this column but I hope it says tomorrow's economy is about real human needs food and community as opposed to more stuff. My only improvement might be taking a page from the Jewish Orthodox tradition of eruvs. This senior and his spouse would be more than happy to participate if we could just mandate NO CELL PHONE zones.

2 2015-04-07 08:11:23 - Montreal Moe

No, the ME also said the shots show he could have been charging the cop - just like he said. We know Brown reached in the car and beat him - the cop's wounds prove that. Someone that big, who has already tried to kill him by going after the cop's gun - he's trained to shoot until the threat is neutralized. The NYT also keeps ignoring the other cell phone recording that lends support to the cop's story.. The NYT keeps pushing Brown's friend's story - that keeps unraveling - just as the autopsy proves.

0 2014-11-16 17:59:09 - Nathan

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