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Ross laments the loss of community, a common conservative lament. Yet it is conservatives who lampoon community (or hasn't he noticed the fun folks like Sarah Palin have with the phrase "community organizer"). And how can you expect people to coalesce into a community if your central principal is to praise the entrepreneur and to dismiss those who are weak as lazy moochers.

Maybe Ross does not personally celebrate the mean spirited individualism of the conservative movement but until folks like him call these folks out, they cannot expect the rest of us to take them seriously.

My son started as fairly conservative in his views, but despite being off to a good career start in business, he despises Republicans. And as far as I can tell, so do his peers.

12 2017-02-06 09:33:59 - Terry McKenna

Every time a black person is harmed by police you don't see rioting either. The relative power positions of black communities in some areas of the country vis a vis the police is not at all translatable to white communities. The history, or the context, provides the fuel and the spark are situations such as this, where a young man is dead. I don't know what the final investigation will reveal about the altercation between Michael Brown and the police officer. However, the scenes in Ferguson bespeak a police force that is out of touch with the community.

While the central question of the investigation is whether lethal force was justified, the central question for Ferguson is how do they heal a poisonous situation and the relationship between the police and the community. You apparently fail to appreciate the difference experience of many black communities with the police compared to white folks.

8 2016-05-04 12:08:55 - Peter L Ruden

The most remarkable thing about Jay Erlanger's observations on WWI (The War That Shaped the Modern World) is that he doesn't mention at all the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia or the rise of the Soviet Union. He claims "the rapid retreat of the United States from Europe helped sow the ground for World War II." Heaven forbid that The Times London Bureau Chief blame the British retreat for the mess they helped create in their own backyard. It is possible that an immense American occupation of Central and Eastern Europe might have prevented the Bolshevik inspired uprisings in Hungary, Austria and Germany following WWI that enabled fascism, but highly doubtful. An American occupation of Central and Eastern Europe then would have been as unpopular at home and in the occupied countries as our recent presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it likely would have stirred up as much trouble. In any event, it's astonishing that The Times could lose the Soviet Union.

8 2016-03-17 12:40:00 - Jim

Is Mr. Putin writing as President of Russia or the Soviet Union? The allied forces that defeated the Nazis included the Soviet Union not simply Russia. This is not mere semantics or small historical detail. For someone who claims deep knowledge and respect of international law and the genesis of the United Nations, to conflate Russia with the former Soviet Union is crass. Mr. Putin's call for caution and respect of international law rings hollow given his military action against Georgia in 2008. Does he seriously believe the international community accepted his claim of self-defense? His appeal to our human equality flies in the face of repressive policies of his fellow citizens and Chechen neighbors. Finally, his argument that it is likely the Syrian rebels gassed civilians is, at best, disingenuous. The Syrian regime denied having weaponized chemical agents. Now we are to believe that they lost control of some of them to the rebels. So, with the help of Mr. Putin, the international community must now help Syria regain control of these weapons of mass destruction and destroy them before the rebels strike again. We really need your God's blessing Mr. Putin.

0 2015-11-04 13:24:44 - Francisco Gonzalez

I too live in a "active adult " community in Monroe NJ .Not only are the homes very affordable, they provide very carefree living. Central Jersey is close to everything...beaches,NYC,Princeton,two international airports, and all four of our children. Yes,many of my neighbors are older,but they are interesting,kind and still full of life, ie: dating.
Within the community there are runners,bikers,swimmers,golfers,dancers,even body builders.I have been very inspired living here.

2 2015-10-08 17:54:49 - Jane Jacobsen

I guess Central Oregon Community College did that for me--I mean the atheism epiphany. Thanks for the comment!

0 2015-04-27 20:32:27 - Steve C.

Yes. The climate is nearly identical to that of Paris, and so is the landscape in the Willamette valley, and even the no self serve gasoline and the political attitudes are European.

0 2015-02-26 19:46:31 - hcat

Considering that slavery was central to the economy of the Southern states (and a factor, albeit smaller, in many Northern states until the early 19th century, though never as big due to the differences in agriculture), the notion that slavery was central to the development of the American economy should really not be a controversial one. Obviously it was, and its financial returns had an impact throughout the Union.

5 2015-02-18 07:51:18 - Sean C.

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