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I live in Alaska, where Begich (D) is hoping to retain his Senate seat against challenger Sullivan (R). I've been receiving expensive heavy glossy-stock ads practically every day lately from some group I can't even identify, supporting Sullivan. The place is absolutely flooded with outside money, and it makes me despair because I have essentially no voice. There is no amount of money I could spend -- because I simply don't have it -- that would get 1% of the volume of these outside groups (all anonymous, of course).

32 2018-10-16 22:48:15 - mbs

Remind me, Ruppert, if it was under NASA's watch that the Space Shuttles Columbia and Challenger were lost.

I thought so.

1 2016-12-10 00:47:01 - Mookie

It's not corporate-speak; it's aeronautic-speak. When systems are fine, they're described as nominal. When something is out of place, it's an anomaly. The situation is unknown; it's not being minimized. When Challenger blew up, it was first described as a "major malfunction." Of all the things that can be considered offensive, it's the word anomaly that does it for you? Chill out.

18 2015-12-12 07:40:30 - Pt. Bob Guy

The "safety" and "proven track record" of NASA? Is that a joke? Or perhaps you never heard of Discovery or Challenger?

0 2015-10-19 16:18:17 - GMooG
I would think that the government IE, NASA would have had problems putting man in space, but they don't. Our government is dysfunctional and to accomplish an extremely difficult task consistently, boggles the mind. There was Challenger & Columbia disasters of course but why can't the private sector accomplish the same task as NASA?

They should have access to the best minds and technology yet, they fail at this.
1 2015-07-20 01:48:56 - Maurelius

She doesn't have to yet in order to win the nomination. If Elizabeth Warren or some other radical were to challenger her, Hillary would be Occupying Wall Street before you could count to three.

3 2015-03-21 02:00:20 - DRS

While the President and his team are doing the right thing in trying to look at areas of possible compromise with a House and Senate controlled by the Republicans, based on the R's past performance I think his chances of reaching compromise are slim and nill.

Should Sen McConnell survive his challenger as seems likely at this point, he has already indicated his game plan, loading up essential spending bills with amendments that will; repeal the AFA, take the authority to regulate carbon away from the EPA, lower taxes for billionaires and further thrash the social safety net. This, he hopes will force veto after veto from the President thus making it appear that it is an intransigent President, not a congress held hostage to its right wing that is responsible for Washington paralysis as we move into the 2016 Presidential election cycle.

This is easily achievable if the Republican victories in Senate races yield a majority without the need of the courting of any independents that won seats. If he gets 51 seats it is my guess McConnell will go after the rest of the filibuster rules (except for the Supremes) that enabled him to virtually shut down any bill in the Senate that did not receive 60 votes.

McConnell will cite Sen Reid's action to remove the filibuster by simple majority on nominations for Senate confirmable positions and say what's sauce for the goose is surely sauce for the gander.

Then we can prepare for two more years of government paralysis/ shutdowns.

7 2014-11-18 18:04:37 - KEG

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