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Six wounds sounds like a lot, but my understanding is that in many police departments officers are trained to fire two rounds every time they shoot … but that in the heat of the moment officers often fire three rounds. If that happened to Mr. Wilson, and he fired "twice," that would account for six rounds right there.

6 2016-11-12 13:58:06 - John

Regulate? That is close to socialism. The sky will fall if Texans hear this.
I work near a major highway. If Republicans could hear the emergency trucks going by every night and include that in their math.
They would probably outsource it.
Some of us are not waiting for the idiot who approaches a fire and the Owner says, "I'm on fire put me out".
Given the situation 'drop and roll' doesn't help.

0 2016-08-29 01:05:07 - G.P.

Hillary Clinton is someone us infantry combat vets understand. When you have been under fire for a long time, with unseen enemies on all sides, as she has, you carefully calculate your next move. The sniper could be anywhere, and you anticipate how to spot him and return fire before he lines you up in those deadly crosshairs.

In the last Clinton administration she and her President were under withering fire, unrelenting pressure. In the end the best the opposing armies could get was a glancing blow at Bill's libido, and proof that adulterous minded men will invent any lie to keep the wife from knowing. He ended up being impeached because he allowed her to find out in public. Compared to the massive destruction wrought by the Bushies what Bill Clinton was impeached for was the equivalent of a parking ticket

I look forward to an old war horse like Hillary sitting in the Big Chair. Savvy, Smart, Cagey even, she will not go quietly, she will return fire, and far more effectively than anyone we've seen in The Whitehouse for a long time. She's got my vote. This nation needs her, and there just is nobody else.

57 2016-03-09 06:30:42 - Ed Burke

How is it "obvious" that the officer was in fear for his life? It's obvious he shot him 6 times, but it's plausible that the officer feared for his life OR that the officer overreacted. And, how would you know about this kid's raising? Or, as I suspect, do you use his color as a proxy for determining the quality of his raising? You do also realize that the Ferguson police have also stated that this kid's purported actions in the shop were unknown to the officer at the time of the shooting? So that issue (which is apparently separate and apart from the shooting) isn't at all relevant except insofar as it makes Mr. Brown a less sympathetic victim.

You are right that "people are going to believe what they believe." Indeed, your post is Exhibit A in that department. Neither of us was there and neither of us was privy to that moment, but only one of us is making assumptions about what is "obvious." (Hint, it's not me.)

0 2016-01-23 20:17:25 - DcNative1
The reason whites "associate" blacks & Hispanics with crime is because those two groups commit crimes at a disproportionate rate in general, and commit more violent crimes in particular. For example, as stated on p.20 of the Sentencing Project report that Mr. Blow writes about: “In 2012, blacks comprised 39% of arrests for violent crimes and 29% of arrests for property crimes, but represented only 13% of the U.S. population. Blacks accounted for 49% of those arrested for the most serious and violent crimes: Murder and non-negligent manslaughter.”

When it comes to "perceptions" of juvenile black crime rates, one phenomena that may be driving over-estimates are the gang killings in Chicago, which are getting a large amount of media attention these days--much of it is due to the sheer volume of shootings over the course of some weekends, which are pretty astonishing. The “Sentencing Project” only asked white people to guess what juvenile black crime rates were, but I think they may have gotten the same "over-estimates" from Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. just because the problem in Chicago is so severe and has produced so many terribly sad news reports of innocent young victims caught in the cross-fire in gang turf wars & rivalries.
10 2015-12-07 08:55:48 - Margaret

Russia's annexation of Crimea; China's concerns about an impending world war based upon maritime control and even Pakistan's arms race are all self-fulfilling results of Washington's own CIA support of terrorism and military aggression - all of which are filtered out of American's news diet or spun in such a manner that these activities are presented in the polar opposite of what they actually are.

In the Ukraine, the CIA, State Department and our military backed neo-Nazi terrorists who shot police and protesters alike in the EuroMaidan and brought down a democratically elected president in a constitutional republic that had impeachment provisions. It was an unconstitutional coup by a small minority presented in the West as a popular revolution.

In Syria, the CIA, State Department and our military backed terrorists fighting Assad who was falsely accused of using sarin and chlorine gas on his own people. These terrorists have formed the backbone of ISIS.

Our President, similarly is an audacious fraud. He comes from a CIA family. His grandmother and mother were intelligence and CIA agents. His father worked for organizations controlled by the CIA. His stepfather in Indonesia was a key CIA asset. Obama himself was a CIA analyst after his purported graduation from Columbia. Notably, nobody from Columbia remembers seeing him. Everyone in the community organizing groups he attended in Chicago knew he was a CIA plant. Obama is now the CIA plant in the WH.

0 2014-12-26 21:03:46 - hbrod56

If like me, you dream about being lost in complicated nooks inside large nonsensical structures, then Macy's Herald Square is one of your special places.
Whatever floor, shop, department, the feeling was, I've been exactly right here many times, it's so familiar, just haven't been here for a long time, and have no clue how I got here or how to get to the place I thought I was looking for. The misjointed connection between the old building and the seventh avenue annex was a landmark in itself, familiar but baffling.

5 2014-11-05 14:33:34 - David Greenlee

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