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The President should countersue Congress for malpractice.

18 2016-10-27 02:58:44 - Kevin

Cuomo and Christie have already been entirely too chummy for my taste and I can't help wondering what kind of arrangement, stated or simply understood, they have between them when it comes to a range of issues, including the Port Authority and Cuomo's lack of response to the shenanigans that were going on there. I think if anything comes out of the investigations surrounding Christie, it's going to involve the PA and not the more famous "traffic jam".

While it's true that medical health professionals are not infallible and sometimes misspeak or make mistakes, their track records are stellar compared to most politicians, particularly when it comes to making decisions devoid of self interest. In fact, if politicians were subject to the same kind of accountability that doctors are, there wouldn't be many, as their version of malpractice insurance would be cost prohibitive.

13 2016-08-10 12:22:39 - pixilated

Unfortunately it's all but impossible to sue a legislator for malpractice. Fun idea though.

0 2016-05-31 18:15:13 - T. Libby

I agree with every statement except one: "Inequality is mostly a human capital problem."

No, Mr. Brooks - inequality is the direct result of a statement you made earlier: political malpractice. And this malpractice has become a cancer that our society cannot or will not rid itself of.

Take, for example, gerrymandered districts that support the reelection of complete nincompoops because after all, they don't support Those People. By some incredibly bizarre rationale, this practice continues and is largely responsible for the overwhelming lack of representation we see today. A much more logical and workable approach would be proportional representation, as other nations have done - unfortunately, that cannot pass in a system where those who make the rules benefit from the status quo.

Or, as a former professor simply stated, "Politics, my friend, is the reason for the enormous gap between what is and what ought to be."

Until and unless Americans choose to re-take control of the political process, we can only sit by and watch as America allows itself to gradually sink into a quagmire of irrelevance.

63 2016-04-22 05:42:16 - TM

How much time and money is spent on efforts to comply with the law, as well as on efforts to choose a plan which actually includes your doctor as "in network." ? Isn't "in-network" just a way for insurers to pay very little to medical service providers, which results in many networks containing the least experienced physicians as more experienced refuse to join ? Why on earth is it in the national interest to waste so much money on administrative matters? A single payor system in which all physicians are required to accept payment from the system; which subsidizes or pays for medical training, which sharply regulates malpractice liability and thus reduces drastically the malpractice insurance that doctors must contribute towards; and which addresses the mind-boggling experience of hospital billing (hospitals and insurers each trying to game the system by charging and paying for individual small packets of Kleenex tissues used in a hospital, for example) sure sounds like a better way. Of course, the primary knowledgeable opposition to such innovation comes from the people who would see their profit from the current system reduced, and the politicians they pay to serve as their mouthpieces. The well meaning people who oppose such innovation on the grounds that smaller government is better propose no significant alternative to the problems described above. Maybe the republican nominee for president in 2016 will surprise us and support a single payor system . . .

6 2015-07-31 15:54:09 - Back to basics Rob

It is a worthy endeavor to find ways to reduce health care costs without reducing or even increasing the quality of care.
Malpractice reform involves winners and losers.
The less the insurer pays out for malpractice violations, the more the insurer (and physician wins), and the less the injured (or deceased) party wins.
A more neutral way of lowering costs immediately is via prefunding ever-increasing deductibles at a guaranteed 35% rate of return, for up to 5 years.
For more information, go to
Don Levit,CLU,ChFC

0 2015-04-23 19:32:29 - Don Levit

I would be curious to know what physicians in other countries pay for malpractice. I am surprised nothing about that is mentioned in this article.

0 2014-11-07 09:07:04 - Louise

Mr. Brooks: You practice journalistic malpractice when you quote Reagan, Rubio, et al, but don't even acknowledge what President Obama has been speaking out on continually and has accomplished already regarding the need for middle class uplift.

1 2014-11-06 10:29:14 - NS54

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