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Christie is at a fund-raiser in Florida while this so-called public health emergency is going on.

There's no better gauge of how benign this entire healthcare "crisis" is. If this were a real crisis, you'd better believe he wouldn't be jetting off to Florida to hobnob with rich donors while all this was going on. He would be in New Jersey, leading the response.

Pure politics, ginned up by two political animals who care about nothing except themselves and their poll numbers, and who think that by stoking fear and playing daddy for us, they'll come out smelling like roses. Sorry, you two yo-yos, you haven't fooled me.

These two bananas (and I'll throw Schumer in there as well) are a complete disgrace. Let this poor woman out of quarantine, or at least improve her living conditions. I dare to say that if this disease were coming from England rather than Africa, the public response would be considerably more sensitive, rational, and restrained.

12 2018-05-07 23:05:17 - Margarets Dad

There are so many things that this article talks about, but the main problem seems to be poverty. If there were good $30-$40 an hour jobs available, then people would probably have health insurance from these companies, and then they would have access to Healthcare Services.

Of course the other side of it could just be the lack of will in a highly conservative state. If the poor country of Iran is providing healthcare services for their poor, then it seems that the state of Mississippi just doesn't want to provide healthcare services for poor people or possibly in this case for black people.

18 2016-08-06 06:13:42 - Brad

Until Florida's legislature--in which every member is provided health insurance at taxpayers' expense--expands Medicaid per the ACA many people will miss out on access to health care and hospitals will continue to have difficulty. Those who live in states like NY need to count some blessings. The good news in FL is that those people who use and can earn enough to qualify for subsidies have more reasonable choices within their income for 2015. Everyone I have talked with this year has had a good customer service experience on line and by telephone. And many found better plans costing them less than in 2014.
As for me, I did change my Medicare Part D to a plan with lower total costs in part due to the discussion Jane Brody sparked with one of her columns. Guess this digital NYT subscription has paid off.

2 2016-07-21 16:24:24 - Lynda

Charlie Crist the previous governor of Florida had all the financing set to go for high speed train to run down the center strip of the highly congested I-4 corridor. This would have provided 25,000 jobs at a time of employment desperation of 2008. Rick Scott {present governor] purchased Florida with a $73 million campaign. Democrats had less than $7 million. Immediately upon taking the over Rick cancelled the project. Entire I 4 Corridor changed their votes next election dropping the republican vote and 2012 turned the state blue for Obama. Resentment continues to this day with additional bogus policies Rick has thrust upon us to surfer.
He now has $100 million to repurchase Florida. Last poll has Charlie 5 points in front with mere grassroots money. Speculation is, it does not matter how much he will offer Florida, they are not going to accept his bid..
AND it all started with a high speed train, from which he has never recovered from...

8 2016-07-17 21:28:56 - Bernard Forand

I managed a Democrat's U.S. Senate campaign in 2008 in a very red state and I remember the fear voters had that Obama would come in and take away what little they had to give it to even poorer people. People were genuinely scared about the future. What they needed was reassurance that the government would act to secure their jobs and to create new jobs. What they got was a healthcare tax. Republicans were on the ropes. Now they're in control. That isn't a coincidence.

Obama could have nationalized the banks, instituted a transaction tax on Wall Street trades, and invested heavily in green energy projects that create jobs, lead to energy independence and positively impact climate change. He could have called it a jobs program. Alleviating people's fear by creating jobs should have been his first job. Once people felt secure, THEN he could have approached them with the idea of raising their taxes to provide healthcare to the "takers". Politics actually often is theater. Bread and circus, right? People aren't so terrified of words like "socialism" if it means they have a good paying job installing a smart grid. It terrifies them when it means another tax to pay for someone else's healthcare at a time when they are struggling to make ends meet. Republicans played on that fear - just like they did with "Hillary-care" twenty years earlier. Obama had already seen their playbook and he still walked into their trap. Now his presidency will be defined by Obamacare.

21 2016-02-01 14:59:13 - Eric H.

In Florida, where I live, Medigap is not available to people like me who receive Medicare. I am permanently disabled and have had Medicare for 10 years. In Florida, if you are disabled and receive Medicare you are not eligible for ANY Medigap policy. Not one. When I tell people this they don't believe it. It is true. I wish this would be mentioned in the media. Unfortunately most who are disabled do not have a voice. I worked hard my whole life, sometimes with to or three jobs at a time. Welcome to Florida. If you are on Medicare here from disability, no Medigap for you no matter how much you are willing to pay.

11 2015-12-12 06:05:16 - Jim Tankersly

80% of chronic health issues are due to lifestyle (drinking, smoking, drugs) and diet - so we're our own worst enemy. But of course, let any politician speak out against sugar, corn, and wheat and they get lambasted and pressured by the lobbies. It's sad. Pretty soon obesity will surpass smoking as the #1 cause of cancer. On the other hand, healthcare has become a massive industry - where are all the jobs now? In healthcare! So it's in the economy's interest to keep everyone fat and sick, I guess.

0 2015-08-13 17:02:43 - AI Fan

Florida "Governor" Jeb Bush and his massive voter repression efforts of 2000 has some nerve talking about 'tyrants' and 'dictators' after the rabid right-wing tyrannical takeover of Florida and its free elections the last 15 years.

Jeb Bush and Fidel Castro have much more in common than Jeb cares to admit when it comes to suppressing his countrymen....but at least Cuba provides good healthcare to its citizens, something the Neanderthal-right-wing refuses to do thanks to GOP Death Panels.

Backwards full speed: GOP 2014

Dinosaurs R Us: GOP 2014

105 2015-03-15 19:25:56 - Socrates

The amount of UI varies from state to state.

In California and the Northeast, the benefits are extremely generous. In other states, not so much.

My husband went from a six figure job in Florida, to unemployment. Florida's TOP RATE (no matter how much you earn) is $900....a month. That's LESS than $250 a week. It was less than our mortgage, let alone utilities or FOOD.

But it was too much for food stamps in the state, so we did not qualify for those either.

What we did do however -- we MOVED to where we could get jobs, and affordable housing. We did not stay around and whinge.

2 2014-12-29 23:32:06 - Concerned Citizen

Where I live, while the news is all about how business is booming with record growth including the number of new jobs, but there is little change in income--except that more and more people are finding themselves with jobs that are percentages of the federal poverty line that qualify them for healthcare below the bottom threshold for the ACA healthcare marketplace otherwise known as medicaid. Meanwhile, limits of food stamps for able bodied single people are threatening to be cut off for anyone not working or involved in state sanctioned job training of 20 hours of work or more per week. One the one hand, this sounds reasonable, but when lined up with employers for whom there is not equal pressure to create jobs with no quality standards, work is becoming more indentured servitude than employment.

I cringe when going to the grocery store, and am asked by several workers if I'm finding everything I need knowing from my own job the obsequious bowing and scraping management demands of them.

I want to know what's wrong that so many who enjoy feeling served rather than seeing plutocratic enforced servitude instead?

3 2014-11-06 08:45:15 - Blue

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