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A lot of white hipsters wear hoodies as well. The look is standard among Brooklyn and San Francisco geeks. Cold people wear hoodies too. It is the uniform of young people. And yet some people -- black and brown ones, as happened to me once in DeKalb Co., Ga.* -- stopped while wearing one. Others do not.

(*The officer relaxed a bit when i took off my hood and he realized that he had stopped a woman.)

3 2016-12-03 05:57:04 - tiffany

Regulate? That is close to socialism. The sky will fall if Texans hear this.
I work near a major highway. If Republicans could hear the emergency trucks going by every night and include that in their math.
They would probably outsource it.
Some of us are not waiting for the idiot who approaches a fire and the Owner says, "I'm on fire put me out".
Given the situation 'drop and roll' doesn't help.

0 2016-08-29 01:05:07 - G.P.

Why didn't "those in charge", ie our administration, the CDC, African leaders eradicate ebola when it only affected 50 or 100 people? It's like firefighters that watch a 10 acre fire become a 1000 acre fire before they attempt to put it out. If your job is to do something to correct a situation, then correct it. If you don't, you're fired!

1 2016-06-06 01:03:35 - mrsharfer

Hillary Clinton is someone us infantry combat vets understand. When you have been under fire for a long time, with unseen enemies on all sides, as she has, you carefully calculate your next move. The sniper could be anywhere, and you anticipate how to spot him and return fire before he lines you up in those deadly crosshairs.

In the last Clinton administration she and her President were under withering fire, unrelenting pressure. In the end the best the opposing armies could get was a glancing blow at Bill's libido, and proof that adulterous minded men will invent any lie to keep the wife from knowing. He ended up being impeached because he allowed her to find out in public. Compared to the massive destruction wrought by the Bushies what Bill Clinton was impeached for was the equivalent of a parking ticket

I look forward to an old war horse like Hillary sitting in the Big Chair. Savvy, Smart, Cagey even, she will not go quietly, she will return fire, and far more effectively than anyone we've seen in The Whitehouse for a long time. She's got my vote. This nation needs her, and there just is nobody else.

57 2016-03-09 06:30:42 - Ed Burke

I live about 4 miles from Emory University hospital, which has so far treated and released 3 Ebola patients and is now caring for a 4th. This is as diverse an area as one can imagine, both in terms of income and ethnicity; there are even large numbers of refugees (many from Africa) in the small town (Clarkston) in which I live.

We all undoubtedly shop at the same grocery and other stores as the staff of Emory and many must cross their paths every day. I have not heard a single person express any fear about Ebola, nor have I seen a single local news story suggesting concerns among local residents.

I guess fear and panic make a good story and it's not hard to find people to confirm whatever script one is interested in promoting. But I really doubt that there is the widespread fear across the country that Mr. Brooks suggests, unless we here in Dekalb county are just too stupid to get it. People are interested, people are somewhat concerned and people are certainly going to continue to watch closely to see how this plays out. That's common sense - not fear.

Oh, and people I know are not 'bone-deep suspicious of globalization,' they'd just like to get their jobs back.

Quote - (Mr. Brooks last two paragraphs) - Quote. Well written at least, but wildly exaggerated in my opinion. I don't see how you make that case.

26 2015-12-26 04:43:04 - Rich in Atlanta

It is not clear from this report exactly what the sequence of events were in this shooting. However a few facts can be extracted from the independent autopsy.

Mr. Brown was unarmed, was shot facing the officer multiple times including once in the top of the head.
From this we can conclude that the police officer continued to fire when Mr. Brown was falling forward or leaning foward or on his knees.

To me this speaks of a lack of firearms discipline on the part of the officer or an intent to inflict a fatal wound. Based on the behavior of the local police in photos and videos since the shooting I can see evidence of very poor firearms discipline in this police force in general. That is indicative of a serious problem.

Nothing Mr. Brown is alleged to have done justified his slaughter in the street. The police officer could have called for backup. He Could have used non lethal methods to protect himself and take Mr. Brown into custody or if he felt he had to shoot to protect himself, which remains to be established, he could have stopped before the final fatal shots were discharged.

In short the police officer either intended to kill Mr. Brown or was in a panicked state, over reacted, and continued to fire after any threat to his person had ended.

This is a sad state of affairs for the people of Saint Louis County and Missouri. This young man did not have to be killed.

4 2015-08-17 01:32:39 - Richard

I completely support Obama and I am grateful that he is out president right now. Something must be done to help support order vs chaos.
Fight fire with fire.
Of course we also know that there are some men in the Middle East who are watching the video of his speech and are laughing with glee that they had the power to provoke the United States.

1 2015-08-01 01:45:31 - Patient

Ironically the Party of Lincoln has done nothing in recent years to help the black community. The Republican appointees of the Supreme Court has removed safeguards from the law. The GOP has catered to those who are filled with prejudice. Politics is a rough game and fire must be fought with fire. I'm amazed that more people cannot see the political forces in our country who are against Democracy!

3 2015-02-09 09:49:10 - David

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