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The morbid fascination you have for Fox News and conservative entertainers is quite a disease. I watched Fox News for three nights in 1997, and a few times in the 2007-2009 time frame mostly to see how the presidential election would be treated. As before, it only took a few experiences. I was also forced to listen to Limbaugh and Savage on the radio while my partner drove our company truck. The hypocrisy was overwhelming and it was easy to win arguments with my partner.

What has been disappointing is the lack of a counter-vision put forward by the Democrats although expecting such would be like expecting salmon to not swim upstream to spawn. The very lack of a lock-step party is what makes Democrats democrats unlike the binary universe that conservatives live in which is the same moral universe of religion. Let us not forget that a little more than half the population still believes that our world was created 10,000 years ago, yet the very science that puts cellphones and other obvious manifestations of science pale before the zealotry of evangelical propaganda and brainwashing.

The next stage is why is commerce on the side of the unreasonable? That answer is easy because it is much easier to co-opt people who are irrational and mis-informed. History is full of examples that prove this The most recent being the Arab Spring as not until the world of the internet and cellphones arrived in the region was a message able to counter the state-controlled media's propaganda.

1 2016-10-11 07:55:18 - Unclebugs

Why not vegan or vegetarian? Dairy causes even more problems than meat; a hormone called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1, a.k.a. plug-and-play cancer fuel) is identical between human and cow.


Meat consumption isn't down according to what I hear; as far as I know, they still have to keep cutting down the rainforests in the Amazon as fast as they can to keep up with the world's growing hunger for beef.


You are correct, there definitely is a market for vegan fast food:

Foodswings in Brooklyn has been churning out dairy-free shakes and meat-free burgers for several years now.

Terri, a juice bar/food stand on 23rd street in Manhattan, has just opened a new location in the Financial District. They offer "superfoods in disguise"—basically, superfoods in the familiar packaging of burgers and wraps.

The Cinnamon Snail is a food truck based in New Jersey that now spends most of the week shuttling to various locations in NYC; in the words of Adam Sobel, he wants to offer vegan food to people who wouldn't ordinarily be inclined to try it.

These places may not offer a lot in the way of calorie-restricted foods—the Cinnamon Snail has some awesome donuts and desserts—but anything without the meat and dairy automatically trumps something with meat and dairy.

4 2016-08-22 00:57:33 - Frank Language

Increasing the number of drowsey truckers on the highways is a serious threat to public safety. The demand for trucked goods has stressed oiur existing trucking capacity. To allow the economy grow and meet the needs of a growing population, we already know that the trucked goods will double my mid-century. Clearly, we need a better solution.

Drs. James Powell and Gordon Danby, the inventors of superconducting Maglev, have proposed increasing the capacity of the Interstate Highway System with 300 mph Maglev guideways constructed on the rights-of-ways of the Interstates and used it for carrying trucks in roll-on, roll-off Maglev vehicles (see www.magneticglide.com) as well as passengers. This system will save lives, save the cost of trucking for the truckers and the consumer and the good news, the system can be built with private funding and it can be competed in 20 years. To get started the truck carrying system and vehicles must be tested by the government. If Congress is smart they will attach a rider to the omnibus spending bill to fund a SC Maglev Test Facility so that this system can compete for meeting the Nation's furture needs.

The National Maglev Network built along the Interstates was 1st announced by the late Senator Pat Moynihan but we have learned that the idea of using the rights-of-ways of the Interstates was proposeded by the then new Senator Harry Reid of NV, the outgoing Senate Majority Leader, who can bring this unique transport system to the country.

2 2015-11-10 07:36:18 - James Jordan
For the first time, I found myself agreeing with many comments from both sides. I find disturbing, however, the the dissociation between the slaughter-house and the dining experience (tho' the fish was brought out for the children to see). At least Daniel spoke of having lived on a farm, so he probably is sensitive to the raising and killing of his food. Perhaps he buys Niman-style Kobe, so the killing is like what Barry Estabrook (Politics of the Plate) describes, visiting a VT farm to watch Leo being shot by his farmer-the most humane death he could imagine, yet not legal for the USDA:"Having witnessed the process firsthand, I would have had no qualms about eating beef from Léo. The steer dropped and lay motionless in the snow, dead before Winship’s shot had finished echoing. After the carcass was hoisted by the hind hooves ..., Winship skinned and gutted it, retaining the heart, tongue, liver, and kidneys. He used a saw to cut the carcass in half length ways, and after that severed each of the halves in two. The four quarters...were loaded into Winship’s pickup truck. In all, 90 minutes had passed." I suppose that is tolerable. Coincidentally, today I came across a slogan from a Vegan Publishers' demo photo: "THERES [sic] A REASON WHY U TAKE YOUR KIDS TO PICK APPLES BUT NOT 2 A SLAUGHTER-HOUSE." Teaching kids about food shouldn't involve lying, in all the cute primer books, about all the cute pigs, cows & macerated rooster chicks.
8 2015-05-25 10:08:33 - AY

Smart Money is done investing in last century's energy and infrastructure.
Until fossil fuels are no longer the tip of the economic spear, money will continue to leave circulation.
Waiting for this century's technological advancements to replace the 'buggy-whip', and filth, of burning sticks and rocks to make fire, investors are much smarter than the so-called 'job creators'.
Those who seek to maintain and maximize profit, regardless of consequence.
It's time to put away this caveman tech, and move our economies into the future.
There are well over 300 million people in the U.S., which translates into roughly 200 million live/work buildings, all of which are already hooked to the grid.
Retrofitting those buildings with green energy sources will create some 4 to 7 million permanent, full time, tax paying, middle- and upper- middle-class jobs, that can never be outsourced.
Less than 10 percent of what we lavish on fossil fuel annually, in pure subsidy, would more than triple what we grant renewable energy.
Invest these funds, not in companies, this or that manufacturing process or patents, but simply, in end user, completed installations.
Let the free market fight over the work.
Worldwide deployment of green energy technologies is only the first, but the biggest step we must take, in order to revive both the planet's economic, and environmental health.
No one wants to truck their hard earned cash into a cave, and dump it in the fire.

2 2014-12-29 09:28:54 - Sick of it.

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