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Ross laments the loss of community, a common conservative lament. Yet it is conservatives who lampoon community (or hasn't he noticed the fun folks like Sarah Palin have with the phrase "community organizer"). And how can you expect people to coalesce into a community if your central principal is to praise the entrepreneur and to dismiss those who are weak as lazy moochers.

Maybe Ross does not personally celebrate the mean spirited individualism of the conservative movement but until folks like him call these folks out, they cannot expect the rest of us to take them seriously.

My son started as fairly conservative in his views, but despite being off to a good career start in business, he despises Republicans. And as far as I can tell, so do his peers.

12 2017-02-06 09:33:59 - Terry McKenna

This is a wonderful opportunity for an entrepreneur to market toxin-killing water systems to CEOs in gated communities! Go capitalism! Go USA!

1 2016-10-17 07:02:20 - FilmMD
What services/products can you offer other people that increase your personal value and the value of others?
Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) had it right when he wrote: "The starting point of all achievement is desire." Globalization & technology are rapidly remaking the world. America offers unrivaled opportunities for those ambitious and persistent enough to seize them. If you see yourself as middle class, then it's time think like an entrepreneur. How can you serve?
0 2016-06-16 23:51:45 - Robert Bond

Americans believe too much in economy.
Prosperity doesn't completely come from companies.
- There are shell-corporations that can weaken a country.
- An entrepreneur can be a pimp
- The law or lobbyism mutates a drug-dealer to a business man
- in G.D.P. you mostly find bad things like prostitution and so on.
- ...
It's all a matter of interpretation, what's prohibited, what's good or bad, ...
Politics decides who are successful or not, it has nothing to do with talent or fair competition on market.
"Normally" it doesn't matter, if jobs are created in private companys or by state/public/government.
Economy is not science, it has nothing to do with logic.
It's like platons Allegory of the Cave.
We live in it and believe on it.
But there's a world out there, if you begin to think by yourself.
Open your eyes, and see the world as it is!

0 2016-04-24 06:10:33 - websingularity

Ever wonder why the most common attribute called for in employment postings is "team player"? An entrepreneur can develop an idea, secure financing, and provide corporate vision, but most often it takes a "network of people" to solve problems and get things done.

In today's Business section, the CEO of a company called Ceridian says he hires "collaborators," not employees. He asks every interviewee the following question: “You’re working in a team environment and there’s a problem. You know how to solve it. Do you solve it by yourself, or do you work to try and share with other people on how to solve it?” Guess what he considers the right answer.

0 2015-11-08 06:03:01 - NA

"Minderbinderism" the business model of our weapons makers .
As we expand our war on the "enemy of the month" using American weapons against an adversary equipped with American weapons it brings to mind the Joseph Heller Catch 22 character ; Milo Minderbinder.
Milo Minderbinder was the supreme amoral entrepreneur who among other sleazy money making schemes contracted with the Germans to stage a raid on a US airfield.

0 2015-10-18 15:02:07 - Bill Chinitz

It is amazing how fast the police can identify and charge a shooter . . . if they want to. Let's get this investigation going, determine what actuallh happened and, if necessary, charge the cop like any other citizen. If the situation had been reversed, police would have identified and charged Michael Brown in a heartbeat.

This reminds us of a similar situation in my area, where the cops often find and charge perpetrators of crimes within hours, especially those who are black or brown. From this layman's perspective, it appears our public servants pull out all stops. But months after the shooting of a prominent local entrepreneur -- with the incident even caught on videotape -- the same cops still haven't apprehended anyone. This entrepreneur, of course, has strong and manipulative ties to area politicians, police and God knows who else. How strange that the shooter has not yet been found.

6 2015-06-27 18:44:43 - Longislander2
Why is an article about a young entrepreneur drawing down six figures on an innovative platform for communication being published under Fashion & Style?

Ah, yes, because she's a woman.
61 2014-12-29 08:55:12 - Dana

This piece may be filled with generalizations, but they are consistent with my experience as a social entrepreneur (from an older generation) and professor at law and business schools. It is exciting to see so in the current generation seeking to use their educations to make positive social change. At the same time, they often insist on “doing well while doing good,” being unwilling to make personal financial sacrifice to achieve their social goals—expecting to have their cake and eat it too. Time will tell whether they will be successful, but I fear that one or the other will have to be sacrificed in many cases, and I hope that at least some will forego their personal financial interests to remain true to their social goals and values.

7 2014-12-21 08:23:39 - Kerwin

Too much education will make you "overqualified", and then becoming an entrepreneur is your only option.

2 2014-11-19 07:35:22 - Steve Bolger

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