Fun Party Games For Toddlers Birthdays


Hard to believe so many people are duped by these Koch brothers into thinking that their interests are the same as the average Joe. They bankroll every political cretin across the country to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, yet they would howl like toddlers if you raised their tax bill by a centimeter to adequately fund a government that works for everyone. Despite their philanthropy, these guys are lousy citizens and the comparison with Mr Steyer is insulting.

90 2016-12-04 12:55:41 - RP Smith

Rapists rape babies and toddlers. They rape 80 year old women. They rape people in nursing homes who are bedridden and incontinent.

Rape is a crime of opportunity. It takes a sick mind to WANT non-consensual sex, but nonetheless, we have enough of such depraved people that we MUST protect ourselves, our families and our communities from their despicable behavior.

23 2015-12-22 03:58:32 - Concerned Citizen

Rima: Good question. These days I work from home, so the food I eat when I am overworked vs. just normally busy comes from the same place - my own kitchen. I don't eat prepared/junk food. It may be that I'm eating more of the same thing without realizing it, or it could be the stress/lack of exercise. But it's not a different type of diet.

Ken: I've worked in a lot of offices over the years, and boy, the food workers get pushed on them is really something! The last in-house job I had featured some kind of "celebration" (birthdays, retirement, new job, etc) several times a week, replete with cupcakes, brownies, etc. If you refused, you were made out to be some kind of Scrooge. At the end, I made it a habit to scoot out for a walk just before these gatherings (which always spilled into my carrell given its placement next to the conference table).

0 2015-12-03 06:00:32 - Stacy

True Paleo? As in living in caves, notches or wherever you can try to find a place where you won't find out the hard way that you're really not at the top of the food chain? As in hunting, gathering, and being old by the time you're thirty - if you even make it that far? (Most didn't, according to many a study of many a bone.) No thanks, I'll just keep living my hopelessly decadent, un-hip, horribly relaxed small town American lifestyle, because I have this really weird thing about birthdays. In my hopelessly un-Paleo way, I like those occasions so much that I stubbornly believe that the more you get to have, the better off you are.

2 2015-11-26 17:45:03 - Grossness54

Learning to use a computer is not a difficult task. Go to any library and you will see toddlers on the computers. They all gravitate to the talking screens. Both my children have been in waldorf schools. They can actually speak and look at you at the same time. They have learned from kindergarten to be able to listen. They did not learn to read till 3rd grade, and they are now voracious readers.
The educational system in our country is dismal. All we do is push to get results, but at what cost are those results?

6 2015-08-20 12:12:49 - jjj

Todd, The support of the Swedes, Norwegians and Danes of their comprehensive family and social support systems (which are certainly not perfect, and which certainly are not free) and which extend not just to generous maternity leaves, but also to many other aspects of early childhood (healthcare, education, transportation, food to name a few key ones) is extensive and long running. No political party in power has even considered dismantling them (although adjustments have and continue to be made) - at any side of the political spectrum. That is the Scandinavians countries have reached a certain consensus that this stuff is important. And these countries have much better quality of life indicators that we do, are as wealthy on average or more so than we are, and have one other huge advantage over us - a much more equal income and wealth distribution. The point is we cannot afford to continue to have a third world country within a first world country which is what we effectively have - and which explains many of the ills this country suffers, including the vast differences in educational performance of our children, even our toddlers.

0 2015-07-15 01:04:35 - Gabriel Maldonado

Many a couple has chosen abortion precisely because they feel a great responsibility to their children and know that do not have the resources to raise another one. To watch children go without, to not be able to adequately feed and house them, to see them suffer bullying and shaming because they are dressed in worn or ill fitting hand-me-downs, to have nothing to give the on birthdays and holidays is not something to be desired. In such families, another child is not a blessing, it is a curse.

12 2015-01-23 04:29:50 - Nora01

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