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As is highlighted in this article, any person or company that does significant business or that hopes to do significant business in China has to, in some form, partner with the government.

Forget the advantages that China's politically elite children get inside. This is clearly just a form of legitimized bribery.

More Important, what will China demand of a Media company like Disney in its presentations and ABC news coverage of China?

If you want a clear view of the potential damage a Media company can do, look at the damage and havoc and division in the West created by the Murdoch Newscorp and trace his huge financial and family entanglements in China.

Let China's rich kids fend for themselves and look at what this means to America and the Chinese propaganda these deals will serve up.

10 2018-06-22 20:24:34 - Joe Mickey

I'm a middle-aged professor. I had never heard of her until this article, so I went to her youtube channel and randomly watched a few videos. I thought she was hilarious and to my surprise, I found her incredibly engaging and funny. I may not be a teen, nor 20ish anymore, but I get her success.

16 2017-01-28 13:38:43 - Niut Nut

It´s those folks with the most fear that in turn possess the most courage. Such a beautiful Friday story, and I am so happy to see it front and center on the NYTimes webpage. This week I tackled a phobia of my own. Absolutely terrified of public speaking (even so much as introducing myself in a crowd), I recently took up a leadership position at the school where I teach that requires me to give presentations to all of the other teachers. I gave three presentations this week, and feel that in this seemingly small act I have enriched my life tenfold! Mr. Clopton, bravo! How manly of you to tackle your fears with such gusto!

59 2016-11-17 13:40:57 - Sarah

Just because someone said they posted something in order to 'be funny' doesn't exclude the idea they were perfectly happy to be mean in order to be (their version of) funny. The two are not mutually exclusive and 'being funny' is often the claim used by bullies attempting to defend their nastiness.

26 2016-03-21 01:23:21 - Mame

I remember seeing her breakthrough video a while back and thinking it was pretty funny. Nothing earth-shattering, this was not an attempt to find deep meaning or wit or even make a statement about modern life - it was done for laughs and it did it's job. I'm glad to see Jenna doing well.

Honestly I'm a bit surprised to see how many negative comments are popping up here, the usual "this is why modern society sucks" now, and ridiculous patronizing "kids these days" attitude. You know what? If you can make people laugh and pull down $300k/year doing it by making videos at home, knock yourself out. Until then, quit lamenting her success and go make something of yourself.

I'm no spring chicken (early 40s) but still find her videos entertaining/harmless enough.

17 2015-09-11 17:22:09 - oldbutnotoutoftouch

Hahaha! This was funny, right? Haha. It WAS funny, wasn't it? Ha. I mean, er ... was it FUNNY?

1 2015-04-19 00:01:11 - Vincenzo

Hockey was more pure and far less violent before it was expanded and marketed to the US - even to cities that have had zero interest or exposure to the sport, essentially turning it into big business.

It's a tough sport, they all are, but now aspects of it are pushed as 'entertainment', partially thanks to the current Commissioner and buffoons like Canada's Don Cherry who put out a series of hockey fight videos.

Hockey is a sublime sport. Watching videos of the mastery of such players as Gretzky, Crosby, Lemieux is bittersweet now as these types of athletes are often hounded and shut down.

Now that Crosby has suffered a potential career-ending two concussions, let's hope that the Powers that Be in the NHL smarten up ...

1 2015-03-06 20:16:31 - RBenstein

Back when I was in high school and college, girls wouldn't even think about wearing sweatpants out in public. Times change, old people. I am 49 and I understand; it makes me uncomfortable to hear Jenna Marbles use explicit language too. But I also find her funny and smart. There is something refreshingly honest about her videos. She is obviously not appropriate for every age; she never said she was.

15 2014-11-19 19:02:28 - Heather Booth

No one condones harassment.
No one condones threats.

These are criminal acts that go above and beyond the level of smack talk that is acceptable.

The problem with Ms. Sarkeesian is that she uses these criminal threats (which no one supports) as an opportunity to ignore all *legitimate* criticism. There are loads of videos, from women too, lambasting her intellectually dishonest presentations. But she does not respond with civil defenses of her own. When she's not ignoring them, she's retweeting auto-tuned video parodies of other feminists who disagree with her, videos that she in fact helped produce (without disclosing, of course).

The problem with the games press, and other media, is that in focusing only on the (again, I must repeat) criminal acts which have no support in the gaming community, a narrative is created in which the only method of disagreement appears to be criminal threats and harassment.

I cannot blame you, John, because you're not steeped in it. But I've watched this from the start and I know for a fact there are plenty of reasonable, civil disagreements that people have had with Ms. Sarkeesian's works.

The way things are now, the assumption is such that if you disagree with Ms. Sarkeesian, you are a bigot. Now that sad assumption has leaked into the main stream because the press only ever focuses on the negative.

GamerGate is about combating these assumptions.

6 2014-11-12 11:45:19 - Richard

Jenna has one big secret: she's incredibly smart and funny. If she stays in a lot, it's probably because those videos take a huge amount of time to think up, write, and create. You think they just 'happen'? Like SNL just happens. She makes it look easy with a lot of hard work.

Go, Jenna, go.

53 2014-11-10 13:07:12 - jalmberg

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