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Like the War on Drugs, the Cuban embargo is a failure. It failed to impose our form of winner-take-all vulture capitalism on a country that chose socialism. If freedom means anything, it should mean that others are free to make choices our government - and especially our plutocrats - don't like.

Democracy is the one form of government that cannot be imposed. We don't "get it" because we are no longer a democracy. Time to normalize relations with this tiny nation that represents no threat to us at all. Even the Miami Cubans are no longer against it, as if that small number of immigrants should be dictating our national policy to begin with!

8 2017-03-22 07:16:02 - Nora01

As someone who has visited Cuba on many occasions, I can say that Cuba is stronger because of the embargo. I truly believe that the embargo has had the opposite effect than the US intended. Prior to Cuban independence from the US, many of the Cuban people were working in slave like conditions under the Batista (US supported) government. His cronies managed to escaped to Miami when Castro took power. This left a people loyal to Castro and loyal to the revolution. This is a country of survivors and the US looks like nothing more than a bully. The best thing that Obama could do before leaving office would be open up diplomatic and trade channels with this country.

7 2017-02-23 16:11:07 - K Campbell

Clinton has no "view" that isn't poll-tested so I guess we will see the US swarm and return to the "good ol' days" of grasping capitalism, philistinism,, American style "health care: in place of the excellent health care afforded to all Cubans and exported to the other countries of Latin America, not to mention being in the front lines of the developing world's innumerable heath crises, now Ebola, while the people have their land claimed by the sugar oligarchs stewing away in Miami for 50 years. If Trump can stay out of bankruptcy expect to see the garish piece of narcissism rise over the harbor. I weep for the "coming Cuba."

2 2016-12-25 07:28:47 - william

Swapping Mr. Gross is the right thing to do. Both the Administration and himself created this mess. The Cuban spies did so on Cuban Americans in Miami, planting bombs across the island.

Solving this minor issue, would open the US government to enter into discussions of thornier issues with the Cuban government ranging from medical cooperation in the fight against Ebola, Taliban, embargo, closing 111 year old GITMO and its anti American recruiting power in in the Middle East, would earn president Barack Obama, what none of the ten preceding US presidents were able to achieve.

7 2016-08-15 18:31:29 - chuck1938

Sounds good except we have relations with countries with much worse human rights and election records, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has beheaded 30 people this year, including some for non-violent crimes and they have terrible laws for women.

We supported Pinochet in Chile and the generals who disappeared 30,000 in Argentina. We are giving billions right now to corrupt governments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Compared to some, Cuba doesn't look so bad. It really is because of the Cuban elites here in Miami who had to leave because of Castro. If they had taken care of the economy for everyone in the 1950's, no one would have followed Castro. You will never get a communist revolution in a country with a decent economy for all.

0 2016-03-12 03:37:11 - Charles

I'm not defending the Cuban government's repression. I'm defending their right to be a sovereign nation. The US has no right conducting these activities inside of Cuba.
And as for the exile's activities - they have been involved in much more than leaflets. Remember, the Cuban exile of placed a bomb on a Cuban airliner in Barbados years ago (killing 89) lived openly amongst the exiles in Miami for many years afterward. So Cuba had every right to be concerned.
The US is not wearing a white hat - and the Cubans aren't wearing a black one. Shades of gray all around. But national sovereignty should be respected.

0 2015-11-13 10:46:24 - lehomme

Again, a powerful country (the U.S.) is showing its petty behavior against its neighbor (Cuba), all the while shaking hands and doing 'business as usual' with China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and others, known for their abuses in human rights; what, exactly are we afraid of? The immigrant Cuban Lobby in Miami as it may affect local or regional politics? Powerful as the nasty NRA? The Obama's administration can and ought to do much more to end this stupid embargo, and diminish the suffering of the cuban people, stop being cowed by prejudices that belong to the past. I fully concur with this Editorial, it is shameful and there is no excuse. And applaud the courage of the cubans in alleviating the suffering of others, solidarity is the name of the game.

2 2014-11-19 20:03:36 - manfred marcus

I visited Cuba last year. Part of the tour included a visit to the American Interest section, basically our embassy there. The representative who spoke with our group was surprisingly candid. He said the only thing keeping the embargo in place is the congressional district that includes Little Havana in Miami. It sets the agenda re: US foreign policy. But as this editorial states, the older generation of Cuban-Americans there is dying off and with it their antiquated anti-Castro politics. Their sons and daughters will lead us to a new day when the embargo, a Cold War relic if there ever was one, will finally end. Viva Cuba Libre!

11 2014-11-17 11:19:22 - asd32

Changes are long overdue. US policy of regime change in Cuba is antidemocratic. The failed policies have served only extremist from Miami and New Jersey while adversely affecting US standing world wide, limiting our own rights and injuring ordinary Cubans.

Cuba has consistently demonstrated, over the past 55 years, that it will resist US state policy of returning the island to US domination under the cover of "democratic" support.

The president, should the political will and leadership materialize, could correct the direction of this policy so opposed by the majority of our citizens, and a growing majority of Cubans in the US.

2 2014-11-17 00:31:51 - CarlosFinlay

Cuba has indeed done yeoman work in helping suffering people especially in medical emergencies. And it is rightly complimented by Secretary Kerry, not to mention the World Health Organization. You rightly criticize that ".. the Obama Administration officials have callously decline to say what if any support they would give them." Callous or not, all our Administrations are afraid of the Batista Cubans in Miami just a they are afraid of AIPAC. On the other hand you gratuitously say mention "Cuba's beleaguered international standing". Where does this come from. I thought that, every year, vast majorities in the UN General Assembly vote to lift the embargo and so does every country in the OAS but us.

1 2014-11-16 03:47:19 - paul mathieu

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