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Tea party aren't against taxes. Taxes are vital to a nation. However, why is it too much to expect that my money be spent in a way that is both wise and prudent? For example you mention Head Start. Head Start fails in what its mission is. The effects are short. Why isn't this program stopped or at least significantly changed. I work hard for my money and I work every day up until the later part of April to pay my taxes. Sorry if I get annoyed when all you good progressives just keep throwing money around without any accountability.

1 2017-01-28 14:09:03 - Michael F

Oh please, if I read another rif on this theme (technologically clueless oldsters), my middle aged head will explode. I work daily on an xml data base, work with developers, have a home computer that I am using to write this comment, and I see great sense in this article. Generational generalizations are weak arguments.

11 2016-12-29 02:18:15 - Lisa

It is perhaps the right timer for some of the larger corporates to decentralise their operations primarily for security purposes.

Another advantage would be that many of the workers would be able to relocate closer to their work place, which could prove to be more productive instead of spending many hours travelling and getting frustrated with delays in traffic or even with public transport. Providing secure parking on site will also prove to be popular with the workforce, even if this means having parking under the building or if not practical (water seepage), under the offices.

If the corporates are Head Offices there doesn't have to be ground floor entrances, since all services should be able to be delivered from branches operating in other centres. Head Office should be for Management and their support staff only, and not operating staff. Policies are determined by Head Office and closer monitored by experienced Head Office personnel. This will do two main things for the organisation - train future Management staff and reduce the size of the Head Office component.

Does this sound practical - if not put it into a melting pot and let all Top Management discuss the pros and cons and see what come out of these discussions. Good luck

0 2015-12-12 22:00:52 - robert hendry

To say that android phones have had this capability for years is an understatement. MOST phones (except Apple) have had NFC for years. Even my Blackberry Bold had it many years ago.

I wont predict the failure of MCX at this point. They can easily add NFC if they want, and hey, those QR codes will work just fine for those with iPhones pre 6. I'd have to look at their terms of service related to fraud protections before I signed on.

I also think that google will have an impetus to improve Wallet's UI and usability and it will be head to head just like iOS vs. Android

2 2015-11-18 04:59:23 - Dave P

On the way to work this evening I turned on the radio to an AM station that must have been rebroadcasting Rush Limbaugh. In the split second before I turned the channel I heard him droning about the employer-mandate. I just shook my head and laughed...the "employer-mandate!" That moment caused me to have a head-of-a-pin bit of sympathy for Mr. Limbaugh; it must get really, really difficult pandering to lunatics about the intricacies of the ACA. Employer mandate, indeed!

3 2015-03-17 11:39:23 - judgeroybean

You really need to cite some of the research supporting your assertion that Head Start doesn't work. Citing a hack journalist's short piece in a failed magazine doesn't do much to bolster your argument.

Given all the research showing positive effects from Head Start, you are either ignorant of the research or you are misrepresenting it. One current debate concerns the permanency of the initial positive effects, effects documented in many studies. The research suggests that if you do good things in Head Start and follow it with a few years of inadequate elementary education, the effects in relation to groups without Head Start disappear.

0 2014-11-21 15:00:30 - PDL

Agree completely Paul, and come from the same background, although in the plastic helmet era. Basically, the current equipment "weaponizes" the head, at the same time making it a "valid" target. In hockey, the IIHF has shown that you can do a very effective job of removing head contact without changing the game - it actually restores the game, while keeping the new helmets for better protection against collisions with the ice and boards. Not sure you could do the same for football - although if you just take the facemask off, it could work.

2 2014-11-15 07:58:06 - BlueWaterSong

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