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The damage is done. The Castros now seem a dinasty. If USA does not lift the embargo, they simply continue to control people, without freedom, counting on Venezuelan oil (the problem is their disciples in Venezuela have broken the country's economy and oil production is declining). If USA lifts the embargo, they are going to try to transtion to a China-like system, with an open economy but without freedom. This is the sad truth. In this world principles do not matter, only business (remember Tiananmen).

2 2016-11-01 12:34:03 - yomismo

Too many excuses for failed policies. How about following the path that clearly works for many immigrant children who have the added burden of learning English? Open schools early and keeps them open until 11PM. Have teachers available (on a rotating basis) for free and unlimited tutoring and extra help. Then have failing students study until they learn the material. Keep repeating. Stop 'hanging out' and/or watching TV. Read books.

7 2016-09-03 00:12:03 - sad taxpayer

I empathize with the dilemma of the trans (female-to-male) and their wish to stay in a relatively safer environment like Wellesley. I really do.

That said, one can't help feeling cheated when the mission of Wellesley is a college for women (yes, female), yet here it is, a trans guy coming in, saying they should welcome him with open arms because, what, he was once upon a time a woman, but no more, but should still be accepted as one? Does that feel like I'll-take-up-whatever-arguments-suit-me? By arguing that Wellesley should be more open to "diversity" theme, it should drop its mission, as a college for women? By that same token, Wellesley might as well open for men too. Should he have gone out to the world and, well, "be a man" (pun intended), for the fullness sense of the words, rather than forcing other women peers to somehow call him a man, but accept him as a sister instead?

His case is different from those trans (male-to-female). Afterall, they embrace their new gender as a woman which is exactly the community that Wellesley was built for.

Have we as a society become so politically correct that we cannot even express certain principle and belief because we have to be open literally EVERYTHING, whether we like it or not? Do religious schools have to give up on their missions too because it's not inclusive enough? This is plain crazy and rather silly.

20 2016-01-17 04:17:37 - tiddle

I never said looting was excusable. I only said it was understandable. And the topic of whether or not "minority" business owners will open in Ferguson is irrelevant. What is relevant is that we are now living in a police state, a third-world nation ruled by a plutocracy that has for decades now eroded our protections and freedoms. If you remove the anger and judgement from your thinking, you may see that this is a human rights issue that is not limited to one race or one community. It affects all of us.

2 2015-11-04 20:37:01 - Ddoll

While the Furfeson PD has not handled community relations well, there are major discrepancies except to the willfully blind. The cop is now reported to have a broken eye socket as the result of a punch thrown by a 290 lb guy 6'4'' into through the car's open window This is either tru or flase and should have been released, if true, the day of the shooting.
Now, if this is the case, the shooting of an Unarmed man is very understandable and casts the encounter in a very different light, for those who are the least bit open minded.

3 2015-10-24 05:57:12 - RPD

Bill below seems to have some strong opinions. But if one reads his comments and the responses from Indians, it becomes obvious who's more open-minded and tolerant. I suspect there'll be a rant from Bill in response to this. However, he's right that most Americans are very open-minded and generous in their views. Nobody will generalize to an entire country or religion from one case below.

1 2015-03-06 08:37:00 - Prent

To quarantine is pointless unless ALL countries quarantine. And please tell me how that is our President and the Democrats fault for not convincing the entire world to close their borders too? Gee, it sounds so practicle I just can't fathom how a different political party couldn't make a better case for it. Oh, and open borders? How about open hiring practices by AMERICANS?

0 2015-02-04 06:02:18 - Desert Monkey

Huh? Most of Europe has much more permissible immigration standards. EU countries have open borders with other members states, including the Eastern European countries and the Mediterranean countries.

As an American who moved to the UK and now has a wife preparing to do the opposite, I can certainly vouch that the UK system is much less intrusive and more open. You're simply wrong here.

2 2015-01-13 18:32:23 - Nick

Society is generally ignorant on this subject. Those holding on to the black and white view of gender are problematic. What do you suggest? Telling the kid to pretend to be male in public? The public needs to be more open minded or mind their own business. Using your logic, the parents that fought for school integration would never have acted because it would have put their kids at the forefront of the racial wars. Besides, kids learn very quickly how cruel the world can be. Adults, religious institutions are very adept at teaching ignorance and cruelty to their kids.

6 2014-11-16 11:07:11 - RayVince

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