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Douthat is so wrong. Millennials are NOT individualistic. The age of individualism was from late 60s to early 70s when so many young people--and older people--were forced to ask big questions about social changes, rights and wrongs, and meaning of life. This was before political correctness set in, when the boomer young were divided and fragmented along many lines and expressions.

Today's young may seem to care about freedom, but they are mostly 'free' in the same way. The fact that so many of them are for 'gay marriage' means they were brainwashed enmasse by PC education and mass culture of decadent hedonism. Being braindead fans of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus is to be minions, not individuals. And notice that everyone is into selfies cuz it's the cool thing to do. It's instant conformism spread via twitter and facebook. At least in the 60s, young people tried new drugs to find themselves. Now, young people just wanna smoke weed to tune out and think/feel alike with everyone else. They are adrift in the same cloud.
They don't rebel against their professors but spout the same PC nonsense fed into their heads.

Millennials are globo-conformists. The rich ones are neo-aristocratic admirers of fancy 'gay' style. The less fortunate ones are minions glued to celebrity news on the internet and twittering about the same thing; they imitate he rich-hedonist 'gay' style. Not a single one has the guts or fortitude to have a real individual thought or emotion. It's minionism.

4 2017-06-27 15:51:28 - Sandy Bates

The autopsy report is not at all inconsistent with what numerous witnesses reported: that Brown was unarmed and surrendering when shot. This autopsy tends to support, rather than refute, those witness accounts.

As for the video tape, it doesn't even prove that there was a "robbery." There even seems to have been money exchanged at one point in that tape. Brown wasn't being stopped as a suspect, and at no time was armed. Why are police able to take alive, for example, the Colorado movie theater shooter -- armed with assault weapons and body armor, shot 82 people, killed 12, pandemonium ensued -- but shoot this unarmed teen over a jaywalking incident?

Finally, there is no evidence that Brown was a "Blood." Teens everywhere in pop culture take these kinds of pictures, even Justin Bieber, and the pics in question appear years old. By themselves the photos prove nothing. He certainly isn't wearing Bloods colors when shot. Most importantly, BROWN HAD NO CRIMINAL RECORD AT ALL, which is almost impossible if he'd been a Bloods gang member for years, or even, if he'd been a "violent thug."

Your post speaks to your own prejudices, and not to fact or reason.

3 2015-12-26 10:51:07 - Gregory

Justin: You are "right on". The Republican Party continues to prey on the ignorance of the American public. There are two parties in that play. The Republicans who would rather invoke fear (aliens, Ebola, Isis in our back yard, Central American invaders...) and the public whose ignorance makes it possible. I didn't realize the Dr. Fauci of the CDC is a tool for Obama!! President Bush made the antiscientific climate into a "science".

0 2015-08-20 17:21:51 - Jonathan Tocks

Wow, way to attack us Canucks for hockey violence. I know a lot of people find it deploreable, but at least it's consensual. A lot more civilized than burning villages in Vietnam or shooting civilians in Iraq. And unlike those annoying Brits, we keep the violence on the ice (field), and not in the stands. So relax America, and sorry of Justin Bieber. Really really sorry. And no, we don't want him back.

2 2015-01-24 00:55:22 - Greg B

I live here, Justin.

The democrats became republican because of Civil Rights. I saw it happen. You can pretend it didn't if you want to. But it did.

3 2014-11-19 04:02:06 - jb

Justin, what can be said about the variations of patriarchal vs matriarchal societies among humans, and how much more or less those particular groups have evolved? Seems to me that such a vast difference in inherent/leanred behavor says a lot about a culture and its roots. --Danny Ronen

1 2014-11-12 10:41:20 - Danny Ronen

President Obama taking a ridiculous "selfie" at the Mandella funeral is an illustration of the depths to which our standards and expectations have sunken in the is day of TV headed-consumerism driven by narcissism, envy and rage. But what's that got to do the professional security guard charged with protecting the single most valuable human asset in the world acting like a star-struck teenage girl in a room with Justin Bieber? He blew it.

0 2014-11-09 06:45:08 - bigrobtheactor

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