Medical Power Of Attorney Template For Child


As opposed to the president who and the attorney ebola czar who are medical professionals?

0 2017-12-09 16:45:11 - Rick

Just wondering how many people who are writing the sensitive comments in this article supported Obamacare??? The answer is less western medicine, more "complementary" or "alternative" medicine.
My mother was at a top nursing home in NYC where she died in 1999. I was fighting them to put her on palliative care - let me tell you, they were in no rush to do so, and dragged their feet, even though I had power of attorney. She keeled over and died one afternoon before I could get her off the medical wheel. At that time, in a shared room, the costs were $13,000 a month. And that was before they put her in the "wheelchair parking lot" - who knows what that cost. It was a horror show.

2 2016-05-30 15:44:04 - Miriam

Their son was having serious health problems because of his Adderall addiction, and the parents believed that he should be receiving psychiatric and other types of medical help. Under these circumstances, i.e. anticipating their child might need months if not years of probably expensive medical treatment, what parent would drop their child from insurance?

0 2015-09-30 01:27:52 - MaryJ

He could have been sure that the person who had his medical power of attorney was willing to fight for his wishes. That person could have worked with Hospice and even emergency responders as his advocate for comfort only. He could have talked even more with his family and explained what he wanted them to do to help him. It does require a close relationship with a trustworthy person who will build a team to champion your cause.

My husband has dementia and I am, with daughter, friends, lawyer, Hospice and the Alzheimer's Association helping me, making very tough decisions and it isn't easy.

4 2015-03-05 21:41:24 - llaird

This part of the story really raised my hackles. Look, there are mothers and fathers who are out there who are going to consider the child asking them not to scream at him as being 'back talk'. How many times will this behavior backfire on a child in a traditionally authoritarian home? Seems like very bad advice with the mistaken suggestion that the child is equal to the parents in power. The child is dependent and less powerful, hence all of the problems with child abuse. What are the educators thinking? Every household is not full of understanding, egalitarian parents who are willing to rethink their behavior because the child requests it. I'd venture to say, they are in the minority. So... what to do instead? I don't know.

3 2015-01-25 01:23:35 - Hans Tyler

And then there's the idea that parents should always back each other up, exercise "couple power," form a "united front against the child" - as though they're at war with the child. Which leaves the child at the mercy of the parent with the shorter fuse.

23 2015-01-19 16:26:21 - miriam

I think the worst segregation occurs when all children are forced to go through an academic curriculum in school, and those who fail end up with no marketable skills and then prison. That is to say, in our quest to be even-Steven, we don't develop each child according to his merits but rather according to a common template where many fail.

4 2014-11-12 18:24:08 - lomtevas

It is shocking at how quickly believing in the healthcare system sucks you into a irretrievable situation. Had someone put their foot down earlier and refused to allow the system to take over, the outcome may have been more peaceful. It is the poor care given at rehab facilities that triggers the immobility, bed sores and systemic infections that trap a person in the medical system. You don't see it coming until it is too late. The family is then left to agonize and scream at an indifferent industry ruled by remote bureaucrats.

I am shocked beyond belief that a power of attorney cannot sign a family member out of a facility without government approval. When did they achieve such control in our personal lives? Perhaps when we began to expect the government to pay for medical expenses.
This is the system that has resulted. It's demeaning to the elderly and takes years off the life of the family leaving them guilt ridden.

10 2014-11-09 00:23:47 - B Dawson, the Furry Herbalist

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