Miss Piggy Birthday Party


Last night, I met a man in his 30's who did not know what a hash tag was. I asked him what he did for a living. He was a physician. There's a whole world of tech blather that is so very irrelevant to him. It's irrelevant to most of us, actually.

A young person's angst and self aggrandizing is not a new story. Nor is the eye-rolling of her elders who have, in their own time, been just as self-involved and determined to prove that fun and success could go hand in hand. Eventually, one realizes that to find meaning and success in what you do for a living is an internal hunt.

This article, so very well written, made me miss that feeling of being at the center of the party and hoping the party changes the world. It won't. The world will change the party. Because, in the end, the guy who prescribes your post-party medications is the litmus test for what a successful app is.

Even so, enjoy this time Lu. Really, seriously, just have fun. Because you're only young and cute in the tech world once (and there are younger and cuter on your heels right this very moment).

20 2017-01-15 00:29:07 - Adrianne Dow

There is no doubt in my mind, based upon data and personal experience, that more than 70 hours per week of driving is dangerous. Period. Especially with piggy back rigs.

20 2016-04-26 14:08:13 - MHW

My mother's stroke took her all of a sudden, at age 79. Her oldest sister said, "Of all of us, I never thought it would be Nancy." Me, either. I had plans for her 80th birthday. Two years later after I -- older of two, my sibling developmentally disabled -- I am finally not so busy cleaning up after her death in another state, and getting my sister settled with me, that I can really feel the effects. My best wishes to the author, siblings, and mother. May her voyage be a wonder-ful one. You will miss your mom SO much, but she gave you the power of life and you must spend it well until your turn comes and others mourn. There is kinship in tears and comfort in the relief from pain and confusion.

17 2015-11-02 19:32:15 - SeeMcSee

I have never made it to becoming a vegan, even though I want to, and will someday. But, if we are going to make and consume a 99 cent burger on the way to a Washington Redskins game - animals will have to be slaughtered on a massive scale and workers will have to be paid poorly.

Economics 101. Common sense 101.

We are the only primates that obsess and ritualize over the killing of animals for the purpose of sustenance and delight. Humane treatment for what's on my dinner plate is a specious argument. A pervert, who treats his victim humanely, is still a pervert that needs a different hobby. Whispering sweet nothings to Porky Pig, giving Ms. Piggy a sauna and some community college credits will not change the fact that she is to be killed, eaten, digested - without guilt or consequences - likely every millisecond of the day.

This comment, thank you Bill, is but lipstick on a pig. We need to stop with our carnivorous palette. Then critters can get a good night sleep. Remember, Ms. Piggy does get her revenge - in obesity rates, diabetes...the list goes on and on. All to delve in cheap animal flesh. You reap what you "sow".

22 2015-10-16 21:50:10 - Civic Media

You're right Snoozeboy.

North Ontario bud was always kinda hit and miss (usually miss) but then nothing prepared me for a long lost weekend in Amsterdam circa October 1998. I'll only say the following: the Rijksmuseum was a sight more interesting than advertised ... It was Hallowe'en to boot, so the costume party at a local Irish pub one evening proved an eye opener too. Never seen a feller walking around casually, pint in hand, with an axe in the back of his head before. I blamed it on the whiskey.

4 2015-07-18 03:21:58 - Mike Baker

Next the Democrats will accuse Chris Christie of beating up Miss Piggy.

1 2015-03-15 02:07:43 - Eric

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