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Now Obama's just going to use more - i.e. all - of the executive powers at his disposal to the fullest extent possible. Say goodbye, Keystone pipeline. Hello regulations on coal-fired power plants! It's possible the EPA will take steps to price carbon as well. And the GOP will prove they have nothing to offer average Americans (if you are an oligarch reading this, my apologies, they do have your back.) So two years of pedal to the floor executive powers followed by 8 years of Hillary, with Democrats picking up Senate seats in 2016, and probably 2018 and 2020 as well. Well, unless they continue to run away from their accomplishments. Who would've guessed that strategy would fail?

7 2016-10-18 06:20:39 - andrew

On a somewhat related note, I wish the Times or some other major news organization would do a deep dive into why truck drivers still are paid by the mile rather than on salary.

With telemetrics, GPS, instant communication with loading docks, weather info at everyone's fingertips, surely there are better ways to weed out inefficient or sandbagging drivers who lollygag on the clock. Pay per mile provides an incentive to focus on work but also far too great an incentive to push safety limits. We wouldn't need all of these convoluted "hours of service" rules etc. if drivers weren't punished for every minute they don't spend behind the wheel, pedal to the metal.

There really need to be hearings in which trucking company operators are asked to testify under oath about their compensation practices vis a vis safety.

12 2016-03-13 06:14:43 - Bohemienne

There is but one course of action to change the "tide": discredit the individuals that pedal these lies for a living. Let us call out the "saintly" Greenspan, the "fictional" Paul Ryan, the "oath-ish" Grover Norquist, the "Trojan horse" Tim Geithner and the "Republican wanna-be" President Obama for their self-serving transgressions. I am very tired of having "the rich-get-richer" getting their way, and also getting everyone elses's cash and assets.
We should, at the same time, take on the media that protect and promote these charlatans. Call in and write in to media outlets, such as this one; put on the heat.

2 2015-12-10 03:04:34 - Patrick Hunter

Well, I'm afraid nothing is going to happen until 2022. Why that date, because we will find out how much states were gerrymanded and if the Dems have a chance to control the house. Republicans are standing on the brake pedal and there is no reason to take their foot off. We can get Hillary in the White House, but without the House everything will stop, period. Getting appropriate SCOTUS members will help, but it will take time to get rid of all the obstruction. If the governorships go the way we hope in 2014, those governors should be still there for the gerrymander wars in 2020-2021. Lets hope Florida, Penn., Michigan, Virginia and a couple of others are controlled by Dems. We will have 2018 to help maybe get Ohio, and 2020 pick up a couple of others. We can only hope.

5 2015-07-26 14:04:33 - Dean H Hewitt

I want to second part of Jacob's point, and make clear why I often find Bittman's prescriptions unsatisfying, though I respect his chops in the kitchen.

What drives me to distraction when soda taxes are suggested is the absolute lunacy of government policy to undo with one hand what it is doing with the other. I would object to farm subsidies even if they miraculously resulted in healthier food. That we subsidize things that are killing us is insane. But the "nanny reflex" will get no sympathy from me, as I must wonder how many times I am to pay for a soda - once to pay for subsidy, and once more for the subsidy-correcting tax. I don't even drink soda, but this implicit double taxation is unacceptable.

Let's start with ending the things the government does to promote unhealthy living. We can't do it all, of course, but surely we should eliminate everything making Frosted Triple-Chocolate Honey-O's artificially cheap (and cheaply sweet) before going after the occasional soda drinker. Do those things, and pro-intervention types like Bittman will find more public confidence for stronger measures. Which we might not even need, once we take government's foot off the obesity gas pedal.

1 2015-06-12 23:06:52 - Adam

As medical chair for Southern California's USA Track and Field Medical Support Group and involved with treating/preventing sports injuries for 30 years, I have always said, "Have you ever seen a fat track sprinter?" And they may only run (sprint) five miles a week total and would never think of going for a jog longer than a half mile. The real issue at hand is biomechanics. Running at high intensity demands better biomechanics and this is where professionals like myself specialize especially in the lower body movements. I have taken 4000 X-Rays of my patients’ legs to measure and correct the real anatomical leg length difference in millimeters, along with improving their foot mechanics with customized orthotics. This is how the athlete can “put the pedal to the metal” and not tear an achilles, hamstring, groin or quadriceps. In this case, “an ounce of prevention can be worth a ton of cure.” Also, the #4 abdominal exercise and #6 squat exercise in this article are no longer recommended, as they tend to cause bulging discs in the lower back. The need to keep the arch in the small of the low back is imperative. The superman exercise, along with glut, hamstring and hip flexor strengthening now trump these 2 exercises and are my favorite 3 exercises in AskDrPaul on my website.

7 2015-02-17 10:19:18 - rundocrun

Yet Hobby Lobby's 401k plan owns stock in the very companies the produce the pills that Hobby Lobby has such objection to. As a company, they are willing to profit from the sale of these pills, but not allow their employers to choose them as part of their company coverage? Hardly seems consistent.

3 2015-02-13 17:05:30 - cdawson65

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