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I agree with you, the best way to fight this is at the source, therefor West Africa. I hope and pray it is enough.
What I am having difficulty with is that the data of those stricken here in the US does not reflect your supposition that someone who does not show symptoms of Ebola is not contagious. Further, even here in the US, procedural lapses have caused nurses and doctors to become infected. How can you ask your neighbors to believe in these procedures when they have not worked 100%, or when the CDC revises those procedures, as they should, to make them more effective.

In the case of the doctor and nurses in NYC and Texas, all of whom I admire for their bravery in working with those afflicted by this terrible disease, they thought they were doing the right thing . Some even asked the CDC, who had to revise procedures, after they were stricken with the disease. These cases have caused a significant use of resources AND high alert and concern on the part of your neighbors, and others in a reaction mode that is appropriate. How can we prevent this form being reactive to being proactive?

Given the FEW people who are working on this, proactively submitting to a 21 day quarantine to make certain that there is really no chance of passing this on is a responsible thing to do to protect friends, colleagues, family, and others. No one wants to say: I am sorry for infecting you, I thought I had done everything correctly. I hope can accept this line of reasoning.

8 2016-11-12 19:53:57 - Mike Perrotta

Our policy towards Cuba reflects the pathetic yet powerful impact a small special interest group can have in this country.

The U.S. policy towards Cuba is 35 years overdue. Yes, they were a thorn in our side and reminder that sometimes being the most powerful doesn't mean that you get your way. So let's loosen up and make amends...berfore the Chinese buy the entire place.

4 2016-09-03 06:57:31 - Richard L

Police force has gotten excessive. My own preference would be to keep race out of it and to focus, instead, on police actions towards all citizens. Update and improve their procedures, train them, establish firm expectations, with union involvement if necessary, and then rigorously enforce the procedures.

We need to demand of them the same "law-abiding" (except in their case "procedure-abiding") behavior they demand of citizens. I expect citizens to respect their authority, but they have to also earn it, and they are losing it.

1 2016-03-13 17:21:23 - AACNY

I agree. This is a national policy, to admit these undocumented children who have no legal right to be here. We as a nation should pay for it, and not load it on random small school districts.

8 2015-10-28 00:22:04 - Susan

Excellent comment. Hits the nail on the head. What needs to happen is not rioting and looting, wasteful and self defeating tactics, but for a further examination of common police procedures, and of how to change those procedures so that shooting is not the only way, or the first way, to respond to a situation. This will involve keeping the momentum up, and directing energies at actions that produce results, of which rioting and looting do not. Tactics ate all, and wise leaders know this.

0 2015-10-04 14:21:05 - mt

Why can't any woman simply get a prescription from any doctor, in any town anywhere in the country for a medical abortion early term, and handle it in the privacy of her own home? (That's what was intended for RU486 when first acceptance by the FDA was discussed....getting the violence and harassers away from the patients) Why can't she go to the local hospital (which would also eliminate the admitting privileges argument) and receive a surgical abortion first trimester or even early in the second?

These procedures are among the safest outpatient procedures and surgeries done today. They should be treated as such and made widely accessible. Only visceral misogyny stands in the way.

86 2015-07-06 15:05:48 - Canary in coalmine


TPD does not know how to take fingerprints.

They follow a policy inversion of the grade school rule:

If someone fires a spitball, and no one fesses up, everybody stays after school. Of course, this is not a criminal situation, and makes no more sense than letting everyone off. But at least in the school setting there is a modicum of intent to spread responsibility, to recognize that SOMEONE is responsible, and if we can't determine those responsible (because of a culture of cover-up), then we will hold the entire class responsible.

Not democratic, but no moreso than not following legal procedures in the adult world.

0 2015-06-24 10:23:22 - rangeragainstwar

12 years ago I had my first mammogram, then, following guidelines, another one 2 years later. After this second I was called back to do a retest and a week of great anxiety followed. After the retest I was told to go home and wait for the results. I refused and demanded to talk to the radiologist. When she came I asked if my second mammogram was different from the first one. She said no only that I have dense tissue but no change! I asked then why was I brought back and she did not say anything. This 3rd/retest mammogram cost me about $360 and was not reimbursed. I have shunned mammograms since. I have no family history and do not want to be subjected to more Xrays. Clinics gets a lot of revenues from procedures, I do not trust and do not always follow their recommendations for procedures.

5 2015-05-28 01:51:31 - Dani

What a beautifully-written and powerful account. I've read articles about the stop and frisk procedures before this but this was this opened my eyes like no other. I wouldn't want my son to have your experience.

The police do a hard, hard job but this policy is unacceptable and likely counterproductive. It illustrates an attitude that sees minorities as just an extended prison population waiting to get locked up. Might as well start on the jailhouse rhythms early.

Thank you.

4 2015-02-09 15:29:21 - Ernest

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