‘Princelings’ in China Use Family Ties to Gain Riches

The authorities are eager to paint the fallen official Bo Xilai, whose family has a substantial fortune, as a rogue operator. But other officials’ relatives have also amassed vast wealth.
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As is highlighted in this article, any person or company that does significant business or that hopes to do significant business in China has to, in some form, partner with the government.

Forget the advantages that China's politically elite children get inside. This is clearly just a form of legitimized bribery.

More Important, what will China demand of a Media company like Disney in its presentations and ABC news coverage of China?

If you want a clear view of the potential damage a Media company can do, look at the damage and havoc and division in the West created by the Murdoch Newscorp and trace his huge financial and family entanglements in China.

Let China's rich kids fend for themselves and look at what this means to America and the Chinese propaganda these deals will serve up.

10 2018-06-22 20:24:34 - Joe Mickey

What the Chinese communist regime did to amass wealth is gangsterism, banditism, and thuggism pure and simple. Prior to the Cultural Revolution, they confiscated all our rental properties in the name of "government surrogate renting" (guojia jingzu). After the Cultural Revolution, the regime forced us out of our own residence, this time in the name of eminence domain. As a result, we former home owners and property owners have been turned into "homeless" tenants, a practice that violates China's own constitution that protects private property. Recently, we discussed the possibility of reclaiming ownership of our former home and rental property with a local attorney in our hometown, but were told that no law office in China was able to take such cases due to the fact that the Chinese government's extralegal policies and regulations override China's constitution and that Chinese courts only went by the former while ignoring the latter. Strictly speaking, the Chinese communist regime is run by gangsters, bandits, and thugs. It's a shame that the Obama administration has been continuously condoning and acquiescing that regime's human rights violation for economic and political gains. It's time Obama administration stopped its ultra-pragmatic policy toward the Chinese communist regime.

6 2017-03-10 04:03:16 - Dan
It sounds like China is leaning more towards a Fascist state: Authoritarian Leader, single party government, rich and powerful upper business class.
2 2016-12-13 04:54:41 - RJW

Sure there's plenty of cronyism and corruption in America, but comments by NYT readers who think that America is just like China in this respect are either just venting steam or don't know much about China.

9 2016-12-05 13:58:56 - Cyrus

So the writers of this story are like 6 years old, right? Still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?

In what era; in what culture; has it EVER been different? For the 6 year olds out there, the answer is "never, anywhere". Not even at the time of the American Revolution, among our own Sacred Founding 1 Percenters.

Shouldn't we be grown up enough at this point to START with that understanding? This breathless announcement of "OMG, the Easter Bunny isn't real!!" is pretty disappointing, coming from the NYT.

19 2016-11-07 08:17:14 - Greenpa

To the extent that politics and the economy are intertwined, this kind of corruption flourishes. The deeper the interrelationships between government and the market, the more of this you will see. This is not a news bulletin.

2 2016-11-05 08:56:40 - Cole Patterson

"Wealth of the working class"? Or for that matter the middle class. Wait,the Democrats, in their perpetual quest to demonize even a little bit of financial comfort, defined " wealthy" as someone who earned a $ 100,000 net, or has a net wealth of $ 500,000 during the late Clinton years in legislation that apparently Sen. Schumer wants to reintroduce to prevent even legitimate expatriates ( who left for non-tax reasons) from avoiding the long reach of Washington. Remember Tennessee Ernie Ford's " 16 Tons".
On another aspect of the article, how is bringing in a well placed individual in a foreign country who gets a significant financial interest without commensurate obligations not a bribe. The answer according to a lawyer friend is that it s all in the definition, but isn't a rose a rose regardless of what one calls it.

1 2016-10-31 09:08:28 - disillussioned1

China is catching up with, and pulling ahead of the United States on many fronts, but we should be proud that we will always defeat them in the race for political greed. They are only gifted knock off artists when it comes to replicating American politicians' propensity for graft, self interest, and self enrichment.

12 2016-10-11 07:09:39 - Mark Shyres

And this astonishes whom? One need only understand China's history, not to mention the history of every country that has sought to reform itself by some flavor of Marxism, to understand that a people's basic nature doesn't change. All that change are the labels.

3 2016-10-08 09:17:41 - Richard Luettgen

It's economical wild west in China right now, everyone for himself. After decades of starvation mentally and physically, their appetite is enormous. Those who glorify Mao and Cultural Revolution should read more about the person and why he started the CR - to consolidate Mao's personal power. Millions died to clear off his rivals or just anyone who disagreed with him. Mao would be turning in his grave astonished how his successors able to go beyond his wildest dream.

Thanks for those who see a parallel here. How many high officals here do not use their influence and connection to benefit themselves and their families?. NYT should do an article detailing their wealth and how they got it.

One party, two parites, corruption is the same result except that with one party you don't have anyone critizes the other but can somehow get things done!

2 2016-10-07 14:56:11 - NSM

So money trumps Mao and the fantasy of little Red Book, who is really surprised. So much for the Cultural Revolution. And so many workers willing to toil for a pittance.

16 2016-10-01 10:11:29 - G. Sears

Indeed, the Chinese government has already given notice to foreign investment bankers that their banks must be predominantly Chinese owned and run within the next few years. The Chinese don't need us once they've figured out how to bleed the populace.

2 2016-09-30 23:11:34 - Darlene Hunter

This is really no news. China has wanted to emulate the US's version of capitalism for a long time now. As we've shown, the most important thing is to give as much power and wealth to the "job creators." Corruption and disparity are just unfortunate side effects.

2 2016-09-25 06:02:00 - masayaNYC

While growing up during the paranoia about Communism in the U.S., I naively assumed that our government opposed the "evil empires" in the U.S.S.R. and China because those governments denied their citizens basic human rights, like the right to criticize the government, vote for their leaders, etc.

I really was naive, because now China is one of our largest trading partners, and American businesses have exported jobs to China in breathtaking numbers. Yet, the Chinese regime is just as autocratic as it was before China switched to "capitalism". If you speak out against the government, you will be beaten and arrested. There is no freedom of the press or right to form political parties. Everything is controlled by the Party and wealth is doled out to the connected, while your average Chinese worker earns a pittance.

Russia is ostensibly "democratic" and certainly not as oppressive as it once was, but it is still hardly a model democracy. Curiously, we do more business with China than we do with Russia.

The fact that American big business is in bed with an autocratic government in China, that is evidently highly corrupt, indicates to me that our business leaders consider evil empires perfectly acceptable, as long as they are capitalist and American companies get a piece of the action. Morality and human dignity are irrelevant.

5 2016-09-22 13:49:26 - mark
It constantly amazes me how the societies that attempted to change themselves through Marxist revolution end up not changing at all. Russia is as Czarist as it ever was, the only change now is the cover of so-called democratic elections. And China has been anything but a meritocracy for 2 millennia. The value systems of societies made up of vast numbers of people do not change instantly with the triumph of a Marxist leadership, especially if those societies were not bourgeois societies to begin with. Marx predicted that the mercurial changes associated with the rapid shifts of bourgeois social values ("all that is solid melts into air" was how he put it,) would be the downfall of Western society, not imperial societies.

And he may still be correct. It is to our own problems that we should be looking now. The US at present is a classic example of the bourgeois state rife for revolution described by Marx. Our reshuffling in the US of human values from a technological and cultural bias to one based on wealth and accumulation is wreaking havoc here and throughout the West in general, just as Marx predicted. Marxist writers and historians are most illuminating on western society, and have little to say on the societies that have gone into or through "Communism."

As to China and Russia, all that they have done is to have learned how to game the west in order to accumulate the resources needed to re-institute their traditional societies.
20 2016-09-19 02:14:45 - James Hadley

Family and clan based power and profiteering is one of oldest Chinese tradition and which Mao has tried so hard to get rid of but now is coming back with vengeance.

All villages in rural China are now ruled by the local dominant family and clan thanks to village level elections.

A grea deal of China's so called Reform is really turning China back to the old China.

9 2016-09-11 07:06:16 - KevinH

Let's hear it for the patriotism of the owners of Dreamworks. Record unemployment in the U.S. and in California, where Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen made their billions, yet they choose to ship jobs overseas and cozy up to the those who benefit financially from a totalitarian regime that routinely stifles the rights of its citizens. How many jobs could that $330 million have created in Southern California?

17 2016-09-10 15:29:30 - mark

This has been the trait of Chinese people since ancient times pick up history and you find numerous incidents like that. Although they call themselves communists but their behavioral pattern is based on monarchy, sort of a feudal system. Their moves are so well calculated and sharp that no body can get near to them. They have a legacy behind them to leave their riches within their own blood, and they will never part with their specific strategies.All those companies that are in alliance with them, in some business ventures remains under pledge not to disclose any of their dealing with the second person, as they observed very strict rules and never hesitate to remove anyone by any means who might try to become an obstacle in their business dealings. They are people with sharp and she-rewed judgement, it is a tough job to beat them in these matters. A nation that seems to the world so cool headed have such subtle weapons to execute any one, and every one who might be a threat to their policies and set patterns. They perceive and conceive professionalism when they are still in cradle------

5 2016-09-08 18:45:15 - Ayesha Khan

In this article, the New York Times appears to have violated its own rule of fairness. Wen Jiabao was one of the first high officials implicated in this article, but the Times article failed to quote one of Wen Jiabao's recent statements challenging the Party Disciplinary Committee to investigate his family now, and promising to resign if any of the charges of inappropriateness or corruptions in his family is to be found true.

3 2016-09-07 15:23:23 - bhmilu

The familial Kleptocracy of China is why we in the U.S. don't need to worry about being trounced economically by China. Something will happen in China involving a princeling in the next few years that will so insult and inflame the Chinese people that a new internal revolution will begin.

How do we support the Chinese people without supporting their own robber barons? They know the Chinese people are reading this article, too... right? Their internet firewalls aren't that opaque. Perhaps reporting like this gives the Chinese leadership enough of a tweak to begin prodding reform. But, will their common sense trump their greed? It doesn't happen in this country that often. Perhaps Dreamworks will create a thriller-cliff hanger that models this and other conundrums and suggest a way out? Time will tell...

0 2016-09-02 23:42:51 - Garth

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