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Sometimes, society is the one who is wrong. That's why we are always making new laws. This young man, with his morally proper, if not legally proper, ethics is probably worth five hundred of most of us.

5 2016-08-27 15:23:34 - barbara jackson

Your article has convinced me that Apple operates ethically and within the bounds of the current tax legislation.

It has also convinced me that the current tax legislation is a dung-heap, which is unfair, wasteful, destructive, and practices favoritism.

You have helped me reach the conclusion that the primary problem is the Democratic party, the secondary problem is the Republican party, and the cause is a lack of proper representation and apportionment in our system of government.

3 2016-08-04 18:03:24 - Fellow Traveler

Very nice, thoughtful comment. I agree with everything you say. I agree also that snacks are a big problem with kids. In the countries I've spent time in, snacking is not a concept. They eat 3 proper meals daily (not all big, but still proper and cooked and they sit down to eat). However, they are still battling diabetes and heart issues. So there must be something we are missing in this whole discussion.

0 2015-11-20 16:50:30 - Alia

What has happened in the South is not revolutionary but evolutionary. Students of politics saw this coming. Democratic part paid a hefty price by doing what is right -- on cultural issues as well as economic and social ones. It essentially brought the country to a place where no other liberal democracy -- European or otherwise -- came closer. Our leadership in the world did not come easily.

But the Party did not do even a marginally decent job of selling that to the nation. Just as they didn't do a good job of what the Obama Administration did during the last election. The Part essentially tried to run away from all the right things it has done.

This too shall pass. But as any pregnant woman will eventually give birth to a child. But having proper care and a good midwife will make sure the process is safe and the mother will survive. So the Party needs to bring this to the American people, not just to the intellectuals and academics.

8 2015-08-30 14:51:31 - Ranjith Desilva

1. "Democrat Party" is rude, coarse, and in my experience inevitably indicative of ideological brainwashing. "Democratic" is an adjective and the proper term is "Democratic Party."

2. *No* nation of which I am aware has yet quarantined people from West Africa. Many of these nations are run by conservative governments. Bzzt for your Fox-News-level talking point.

3. The government debt isn't out of control, that's ridiculous. The deficit has been falling steadily and debt is well within what economists say is responsible levels.

The irony is that I agree with you that we should impose a quarantine on travelers from West Africa. It's your knee-jerk ideological attempt to blame the Democrats with which I disagree. What ever happened to objective thought?

6 2015-08-27 14:39:31 - Josh Hill

• Africa is an fragmented and complex continent which, just because it is still misunderstood in many features, has been forgotten and neglected too long. New consciousness and humility have to characterize our approach to its problems, which in the interconnected (global market and geopolitical framework) and interdipendent (natural and human resources interchange) world have just to be considered ours.
• Huge respect and solidarity are to address to doctors and nurses committed in containment of Ebola terrible disease.
• An human and professional engagement by international community, a proper “cordon sanitare”, has to reinforce the effort of the brave, already in course but not sufficiently shared.

2 2015-05-28 07:57:37 - Raoul Siro Tiraboschi

Great column once again. We do however need to transpose all this good news into midterm voter motivation to throw out as many Republicans as possible, preferably the Tea Party crowd. This will have to happen at some point im the near future regardless, if the traditional Republican party is to ever recover integrity, a reasoned platform that is not just a plan to suppress our rights nor only represent the wealthy, and most importantly to work on compromise without the adgenda of privatization of all things related to social security, medicare, and healthcare. The government is not the enemy and must take its proper role in our political process. Without this mutual understanding we will continue to fall behind in all areas of progress for the rest of our lives.

9 2015-05-05 12:39:21 - C. Coffey

This is one more piece of the puzzle.
In religious terms, the body should be treated as a temple.
In self care terms, it means proper nutrition, personal cleanliness, and proper exercise...along, of course, with the avoidance of harmful drugs.

5 2015-01-04 19:14:08 - pkbormes

'...that the rest of the people surveyed that do eat a proper breakfast beyond just cereal...'

Safe to say that when 2/3 of the country is overweight to obese, they do not eat a 'proper' diet for any meal.

2 2014-11-18 18:30:33 - Nigel

who knows what "proper form" just an opinion what is proper.

0 2014-11-18 15:11:24 - Wayne Griswald

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