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In other words, reality has a liberal bias.

It always has and it always will.

Conservatives try desperately to hold onto the frozen past and maintain pointless, uninspired traditions, but it's all just one big pathetic time in a bottle obsession impeding all forward progress.

Religion has nothing to do with reality; it's nice to see more people are noticing that.

Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels; it's nice to see more people are noticing that.

Thinking is good for you; it's nice to see some Americans are firing up their brains independent of our corrupt political duopoly that has reduced our public policy to a cash-and-carry fast food shack.

Politics often fails societies, although occasionally it has its moments of redemption.

Government can do good and bad; conservative ideologies help it fail spectacularly.

It will be nice to see how a fresh generation of youngsters reacts to the growing realization and eventual outrage at their elders for creating a cesspool of economic disparity, injustice, moneyed speech and limited opportunity so a few sociopaths could have all the marbles.

I hope the age of individualism puts the age of narcissistic greed in the guillotine it so truly deserves.

Conservatism has no logical or relevant place in a progressive society; it has proved its utter uselessness and irrelevancy repeatedly.

The only thing saving conservatism is fear of reality, fear of change and fear of others.

Fear and 1% tax cuts: Conservativism 2014.

48 2016-11-25 07:14:01 - Socrates

Sineira US,CA

You are missing the point, why even arrest him?

No, this seriously misses the point.

This is a NYC policy question for the mayor and has nothing to do with policy officers tasked with carrying it out.

1 2016-05-29 00:03:24 - AACNY
Richard, it took me a long time to realize that most conservatives are not as crude & dishonest as the ones on Fox & the radio, but I did finally take it in. I would suggest to you that the Democrats, the Left and their respective positions are likewise wildly distorted by the same media. And just because someone speculates that the world would be better off without guns (or without cigarettes, or automobiles, or bombs, etc) doesn't mean they're making a policy proposal.

I would remind you that, after the Sandy Hook massacre, more laws were passed loosening gun regulations or guaranteeing gun rights than were passed restricting them. The power on this issue is solidly in the hands of the the ones who are supposedly under siege.
3 2015-08-16 20:34:54 - Martin

Don't worry about Cuomo. He'll change his policy the minute the election is over. As for Christie, who hasn't had a second thought about his policy, it's clear he didn't have a first thought about it either.

238 2015-04-15 23:08:10 - SML

One thing Democrats could do (small, not large) is actually defend their actions and point out the positive consequences for voters. It was the silence of Democratic candidates that caused them to lose. It would also help if non politicians returned to the public discourse. Unfortunately, the leaders of the big American institutions have dropped out of political life; even the leaders of the black organizations have been silent. We have no public intellectuals any more. All political discussion is left to the politicians, policy wonks, and journalists who cover them. (And of course vitriolic talk radio.) We need much wider political discourse with much broader political participation.

34 2015-04-12 13:08:12 - BG

It is obvious that the embargo is a policy of a few that has been imposed to the vast majority.
I wish the statistics of Americans and Cubans in favor and against the embargo were exposed to the policy makers.

3 2015-01-27 01:11:02 - Abel

"You may disagree with every policy they ever uttered, but Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher leapt beyond the stagnant mood of the late 1970s"....and sold their nations on a policy framework that set the stage for the malaise we face today.

13 2014-11-09 21:04:20 - Fred

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