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Christie is at a fund-raiser in Florida while this so-called public health emergency is going on.

There's no better gauge of how benign this entire healthcare "crisis" is. If this were a real crisis, you'd better believe he wouldn't be jetting off to Florida to hobnob with rich donors while all this was going on. He would be in New Jersey, leading the response.

Pure politics, ginned up by two political animals who care about nothing except themselves and their poll numbers, and who think that by stoking fear and playing daddy for us, they'll come out smelling like roses. Sorry, you two yo-yos, you haven't fooled me.

These two bananas (and I'll throw Schumer in there as well) are a complete disgrace. Let this poor woman out of quarantine, or at least improve her living conditions. I dare to say that if this disease were coming from England rather than Africa, the public response would be considerably more sensitive, rational, and restrained.

12 2018-05-07 23:05:17 - Margarets Dad
How soon they forget. Gore lost an extremely close electoral college race (but not the popular vote) to Bush because of Florida's messy ballots & successful attempt to disallow minority votes and the Supreme Court's intervention to stop the Florida recount. As President, maybe Gore would have displayed a similar lack of appetite, but we'll never know.
3 2016-08-29 12:25:27 - allie

When my family and I moved to Florida, I remember setting a glass of orange juice before my daughter at breakfast time and joking, "Drink it, honey. It's a state law."

When oranges were created by cross-breeding other citrus varieties, that was new technology at the time. When the orange was introduced to Florida centuries ago, that transplantation was new technology. The addition of the spinach gene is new technology -- but novelty is not evil, and knowledge is not evil. I rejoice that the knowledge exists to save our Florida oranges.

Part of the reason I love riding my motorcycle through Central Florida is the sweet scent of Orange blossoms twice a year. I mourn every time a grove is cut down to create a subdivision. I have no connection to this industry, other than as a consumer, but I want to see it survive and thrive. If the spinach gene can save it, I am all for it.

Certainly, I would like to see us save and warehouse large quantities of seeds and seedlings from natural, organic oranges -- especially the Valencias -- so we can replant at some time in the future, should greening naturally disappear. But in the meantime, I will have not hesitate to drink the juice of genetically modified oranges.

That's where I stand, and now I have to run to the store. I just checked the fridge, and we're almost out of Florida orange juice!

2 2016-08-22 09:01:15 - Tom Morrisey

More specifically, the over-sized construction industry virtually disappeared after the real estate bubble burst in 2006. Residential construction at one point fell by 98% from its 2004-05 peaks. Minorities and lower income mortgage holders were wiped out because most all their net worth was in home equity, which evaporated.

Trapped in their "underwater" mortgages and the nation's highest foreclosure rates and short sales, tens of thousands could do nothing but walk away from their homes, destroying their credit ratings for years. Worse still, the working class forced into the "exurbs" far from downtown jobs experienced the largest drop in prices (up to 70%!). Some of the fastest growing commuter cities in the U.S. look like nearly ghost towns.

Untold fact 1: After the Jeb bubble burst, population growth slowed to a crawl and halted if you don't include the massive wave or migrations from Puerto Rico.
Untold fact 2: Jeb and his GOP successors have overseen stagnant wages in the lowest wage large state in the nation. Untold fact 3: Rather than diversify the economy away from low-wage tourism, Florida tourism employment is back up to levels not seen since the 1980s.

17 2016-06-22 11:42:32 - EconProf

Frank, for those Dems who self-financed their runs for office, we'll be less skeptical than for those who may be Trojan Horse GOP'ers, beholden to the same group of people Robert Reich writes about; the 16,000 U.S. families worth $100 million$+ who are leaving all those worth only $10-99 million$ in their dust:

with no hopes of reaching the upper rungs.

Still, just because someone self-finances and self-identifies as a Dem doesn't mean they're not just another Rick Scott, except buying the office while pretending to be a Dem:

So only time will sort out the pretend Dems from the real McCoys.

10 2016-01-24 07:00:43 - R. Law
I am very familiar with Angela Corey & her overly aggressive need for personal attention. The Gov of Florida (surprise) has mishandled this case. We have such a corrupt system of justice in Florida. The sheriffs in every county get a payoff for each person they incarcerate.
Please someone at the nyt investigate that end of the state prosecution system here. Those of us in the legal system would be more than happy to assist with interviews, collaboration, evidence, etc
0 2015-09-15 16:09:42 - still love cubs

A reflexive reaction like boycotting Florida goods will end up hurting workers in an already tenuous economy. The bigger picture is to strike down dangerous laws like stand your ground and enact some real laws for gun control, something our politicians don't have the stomach for, but need to be pushed towards.

5 2015-04-17 20:46:26 - ss

Let's end a policy which has proven to be not only incredibly ineffective but actually counterproductive to our foreign policy. There has been a change in perception from my fellow Cuban Americans in South Florida. Changes are taking place on both sides of the Florida Straits. Let's move forward in peace and mutual respect. Cuba has expressed its desire to discuss differences on those terms. The ball is in our court. Let's go!

0 2014-12-18 00:29:29 - Elena Freyre

The young women I know who chose not to pledge sororities (at U. of Florida and Florida State) felt that their college experience would be too much like their high school experience if they limited their friendships by joining. Sorority membership does not leave the student with enough time to experience diversity (and that certainly won't happen after college).

12 2014-11-14 03:28:39 - Ellen

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