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Hallelujah! There really is a GDP Santa. I think we need to be alert and on patrol for Tea-Party hacks who want to say "I told you so." The good news is not their doing. We are approaching full potential real GDP because of TARP, the Obama stimulus package, the too-modest deficits of the Obama years, and the Fed's QEI and QEII. The onus for those too-modest deficits falls on the Tea-Party Republicans. Had it not been for their foolish ignorant nonsense about Austerity and mindless budget hacking, we would have had this celebration at the Holidays of 2011. Utopian fundamentalist free market capitalists are still responsible for a loss of $1 Trillion to $2.2 Trillion in Real GDP since 2007. We need to remember that the Koch Brothers and their puppets were wrong, wrong, wrong about macroeconomic policy, and we need to continue too demand that they be ignored. If we falter here, Boehner, Ryan et al. will drive us right back into the abyss.

An important point is that realization of ful potential GDP has not meant full utilization of the potential labor force. Millions of people who could be working are sidelined. This anomaly stems from the sudden increase in capitals share of GDP. Only persistent expansionary fiscal policy and a lliberal Fed target inflation rate (4%) can solve this problem. This is not problematical once we pound home the point that the Austrian Austerians have been wrong, wrong, wrong about everything including that target. Thanks Santa.

2 2017-04-06 17:21:21 - Robert Baesemann

So the writers of this story are like 6 years old, right? Still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?

In what era; in what culture; has it EVER been different? For the 6 year olds out there, the answer is "never, anywhere". Not even at the time of the American Revolution, among our own Sacred Founding 1 Percenters.

Shouldn't we be grown up enough at this point to START with that understanding? This breathless announcement of "OMG, the Easter Bunny isn't real!!" is pretty disappointing, coming from the NYT.

19 2016-11-07 08:17:14 - Greenpa

I love my 6 year olds take on this. "Mommy, I know Santa is not real but it's nice to believe that he is."

1 2016-10-24 07:42:03 - Anna

When I started asking about Santa my mom would say "Well, what do you think?" This worked for a while and I think was a good strategy, one I'll likely use, my oldest is seven and still believes. When I starting asking more persistently my mom took me aside and told me the truth, and that I was now part of keeping the secret/magic/etc. for my younger siblings and others. I remember being totally okay with this and it making me feel like a big kid. Well after my siblings knew we still got gifts from "Santa" every year and I never felt the spirit was lost. I think it's a cultural experience here for young children and finding out represents their growing up.
I had twins in my class whose parents had them believing well after everyone else knew, maybe 4th or 5th grade, I never said anything but other kids made fun of them and I think they felt silly, their parents really should have let it go by then.

3 2016-09-16 20:46:05 - Helianthus

It reminds me of what happens to the character played by Roberto Begnini in Woody Allen's To Rome With Love.

As for being guided by someone who advises Justin Bieber, I do not know about that.

Josefina Alvarez
Santa Fe, New Mexico

1 2016-02-02 00:41:22 - jalvarez

Senator Heinrich is correct that groups like the America Lands Council are out to privatize public lands and thus drastically reduce the public’s access to its natural heritage here in the West.

While the federal government does not do a perfect job of managing public lands, as a ranch manager in New Mexico, I am truly horrified at the thought of the State of New Mexico managing the Santa Fe, Carson, Cibola, Gila, or Lincoln National Forests. And private land management in many, many areas is truly wanting—truth be told.

Those of us who treasure our public lands need wake up to this threat of state ownership and then the inevitable privatization and exploitation of the public lands. This is just another asset grab by the prevailed few, of the prevailed few, for the prevailed few; all parading around in neoclassical/libertarian economic fiction. Nothing here but another loss of access to one asset or another for the average United States of America citizen.

Michael Bain
Glorieta, New Mexico

79 2015-11-09 04:41:53 - Michael Bain

A longtime fan of Ms Klein, I returned to DE to read the interview. Paraphrasing Queen Victoria, royal “WE” and all, “We are not impressed.”

Ms Klein is great at analyzing a problem. Prescribing what to do about it is something else. The current US (and other countries’) political system(s) is a major part of the Climate problem. I maintain that reforming our system’s current form of Capitalism is better than destroying it, hoping a better Phœnix will arise from the ashes, a Phœnix better this time than arose from previous ashes, is folly.

My wife and I lived (and worked, neither vacationing nor retired) in Mexico and witnessed «la crisis» up close, struggling thru it along with the Mexicans. The shortcomings of Mexico’s version of Socialism were painfully obvious. Yet that Socialism did not emerge from plots hatched in dark smoky coffee shops but in response to real and despicable situations. My wife and I agreed that, had we been Mexicans back on March 18, 1938, we would have enthusiastically supported the oil nationalization by then-President Lázaro Cárdenas del Río. And we agreed with our Mexican friends, virtually none of whom favored privatization of the oil and other such industries (and nationalized rail in Mexico is far worse than nationalized oil.) All of us thought reform was the better way to go.

But back in the USA, Reform — the better way to go — is the Path Not Taken. Just like in Mexico.

But this is no excuse for quitting.

3 2015-08-06 02:05:38 - David F Collins

Good question Ramona. I think the answer us no ( or at least hope it's no) because parents who do believe, well in that situation they feel comfortable telling their child "well that's not what we believe". There won't be a " well I know what I said to you before but actually that's not true" moment like there is with Santa Claus. That's the real problem here I think.

2 2015-03-30 12:08:34 - AJ

"Being ruled by corrupt and self-interested politicians can be bad. But imagine being ruled by sociopathic gangsters ... international attention to this atrocity is also an embarrassment for President Enrique Peña Nieto. Since taking power in 2012, he has been laboring to change Mexico’s violent image, focusing on reforms such as opening up the nation’s energy sector to foreign companies".

Young people in Mexico (and everywhere), are told that they can rely upon the social compact; study and work hard to win economic security, opportunity, and justice.

Must they hear, yet again, that the sale of Mexico's public assets to international investors (behind closed doors for bribes, with no rules made for transferring or recompensing claims to fracking lands) is "reform"? It's no more reform than busting teachers' unions is education reform, or than President Peña Nieto has yet shown himself a reformer.

What plans have the U.S. and Mexico to stop selling and handing out more military equipment along migrant routes that increase predation on the desperate? Has President Enrique Peña Nieto said one word about the U.S. Congress's refusal to register guns here, to stop straw purchases arming cartels?

What do young people, faced with economic insecurity and injustice need? Accountability, transparency, and economic development from their local, state, and federal governments - democratic representation. Dismay at violence, like calling Nieto a reformer without evidence, won't help.

19 2014-11-13 04:16:08 - JaaaaayCeeeee

The Natural Resource Conservation Service (USDA), and here in New Mexico New Mexico State University are doing extensive research on pollinator plants, nearly all native annuals and perennials. We take hundreds every year from their surplus and plant them in test plots all over our 20 acres. Like Andrew, we now have an abundance of pollinators of all sorts. Wild bees, "flybees," moths, tiny wasps plus some honeybees swarm all about. Do it!

3 2014-11-10 20:51:02 - duffsdales

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