Red Nose Symptoms Treatment


She has no symptoms so far. Would you like to be standing next to her on the subway when the symptoms first appear and she sneezes? Can anyone predict when symptoms will first appear?

4 2017-09-14 07:04:48 - Art

Let's look at it this way. It's possible that quarantine is correct or it's not correct. If quarantine is a mistake then the person in question lost 21 days. If quarantine is NOT a mistake, then there will be no spread of the disease that would have occurred if the person were in public. Which is the better mistake to make? As far as coming in contact with bodily fluids or the person having no symptoms.. well, can anyone say that symptoms always first show themselves in the privacy of her own home? How many of us first showed symptoms of the flu or a cold while we were out in public? Has anyone ever sneezed in public? Even covering your mouth and nose for a sneeze or cough does not prevent some microscopic droplets from being released in the air.
Which is the better mistake to make?
I do believe that a person in quarantine should be able to do it in his or her own home. Of course that home would then have to be decontaminated if the person does develop ebola.

13 2016-04-06 03:29:06 - Art

The symptoms of ADHD mimic the symptoms of depression. It takes a careful history to choose the correct diagnosis. ADHD symptoms due to brain chemistry changes should have occurred early and should not be attributable to another cause.
Symptoms that appear after a family crisis such as a death, a divorce, moving the household, or loss of parental employment should be assumed to be reactive depression instead of ADHD.
And where is counseling in our rush to take pills for everything?

0 2016-01-05 22:59:44 - memosyne

No doubt there has been an over marketed with a zealous and unscrupulous approach to diagnosis and treatment ADHD, and the treatment being marketing of meds, and over medicating. But, consider this, that one of the primary contributors to ADHD is our diet of sugars, high carbohydrates often caffeine laden, from processed foods, it creates adversely affects our insulin, hormones, and healthy growth and development.

Consider for a moment that some of the spike, say 50%, is the result of a second generation of Americans with an extremely poor diet, a second generation raised on sugar and hi fructose foods, also being the results of zealous and unscrupulous marketing! Could we merely be seeing the symptoms and be treating the symptoms, but not rationally going after the cause? I would like to see some research. We already know that with type II diabetes being on the raise, that it is the result of our poor diet; add to that morbid obesity bringing on a myriad of other health hazards.... could this same diet be causing a spike in REAL ADHD?

Someone, please let me know!

5 2015-09-12 18:19:54 - Craig Cooley

I wonder what the outcome in Texas (Mr. Duncan's first ER visit) would have been if, rather than clicking boxes on the computer screen, the ER doctor had been given the time to say "tell me a little bit about yourself and what you've been doing over the past month".? The story, the narrative, of Mr. Duncan's life over the few weeks before he became ill held the key to the diagnosis. We have to hear the patient to understand the patient's symptoms in context and to arrive at the best treatment for the patient. The best "evidenced best treatment" for a particular patient is using our skills and incorporating the evidence of their lives into our decision matrix.

8 2015-07-30 19:38:32 - Pam

yes let these people continue to use the emergency room when they have a running nose
Must be nice for them to get free health care just so up at the hosipital when they are sick and not have to pay for it, must make feel like they are a member of congress to get that kind of treatment for free

8 2015-04-13 09:41:30 - dogsecrets

you don't know the law. when the suspect physically confronted the little shopkeeper nose to nose, physically using his obviously impressive size, no doubt from eating well, and then ran after the owner, that called physical threat of violent. Shoplifting doesn't have that.

0 2015-04-05 08:24:18 - Arnold

I had a straight nose and a deviated septum. Had the septum fixed, and now my nose curves to the right. I could not care less. My breathing is better, no more snoring, my allergies went away as did the sinus headaches. Have the operation.

1 2015-03-25 15:34:09 - Patrick Michael

Can the more severe symptoms of Ebola come on as suddenly as a bad flu? One moment, you're going about your day feeling good, and then the next, you're sweating and racing like mad to get to a bathroom? If so, quarantine might be advisable.

One consideration is whether there's a risk in transmitting Ebola to U.S. wildlife. If an Ebola sufferer throws up behind a tree in Central Park and a wild critter (bat, rat, etc.) comes in contact with that vomit, is there a risk that the disease will move into the animal population?

Unlike much of Africa, where wildlife like chimps and fruit bats are found only in specific jungle niches, there are a lot of critters across North American that share common habitats. As we're seeing with the white nose disease that affects the little brown bat, ailments can spread from region to region.

If I were returning from treating Ebola patients in Africa, I'd be concerned about transmitting Ebola not only to loved ones, but to at risk populations (i.e. the homeless, the very poor) who might delay seeking medical treatment, and I'd be worried about introducing Ebola into American wildlife which would make the disease endemic to the U.S..

If Ebola moved to bats, and your child touched a dead bat and got Ebola, it would be the last thing you'd expect. Chances are, your child's doctor wouldn't consider Ebola until your child was very ill and showing the worst symptoms.

Given the above, I think a home quarantine for 21 days is not unreasonable.

9 2015-02-27 10:05:36 - Heather

So, a person leaves Africa today and arrives here feeling fine, no symptoms and goes home or wherever and about, but two weeks later has symptoms and eventually seeks treatment. Can you gurantee there is no risk to anyone in that scenario? But if the same person arrives here and is asked to remain quarantined for just three weeks to virtually eliminate the risk to others, that's stupid? If we could tell on day one a person would not develop symptoms that's one thing, but apparently that is not possible. Do you buy the notion that dedicated medical personnel will stop going to Africa if we impose this inconvenience? I don't.

3 2014-11-08 09:54:33 - Rdquinn111

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