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More generational nonsense. The human experience has been going on for thousands of years. People are born every day not in twenty year batches. There is no conspiracy of people belonging to a "generation" conspiring to disenfranchise a subsequent "generation". These theoretical conflicts are media fictions. Things aren't going your way? Blame a "Boomer". Younger people coming in to your workplace? "They" don't work hard or respect authority like "we" do. Poor Russ Douthat. He keeps hoping, as most conservatives do, that the clock can be turned back to "those thrilling days of yesteryear". Change is hard but religious social conservatives like Douthat need to adjust and adapt, not blame "generations" that do not conform to their world view.

28 2017-04-20 22:17:14 - mike

Firstly, thats not very nice.
Secondly, its cuckoo not coo-coo.
Lastly, being depressed doesn't make one "cuckoo".

11 2016-10-13 22:27:06 - Jane

Turn back the clock to pre-Kuwait invasion when we didn't tell Sadam early enough not to go in, the failed embargo and our later unjustified invasion for non-existent WMDs that ensued later, the Russians going into Afghanistan when we trained the Mujahideen, the deposing of the Shah of Iran, our unmitigated support of Saudi Arabia's brutal regime, backing Iraq against Iran even after he gassed his own people, arming everyone, initiating CIA subversions in leftist governments, ignoring the Palestinian issue for years, the Libya quagmire, ... have I left anything out that was our fault for all the chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere today? Point made.

7 2016-01-13 09:53:47 - Rodrian Roadeye

While the details of shooting part remain blurry, I can understand how this officer might have felt leading up to it. Yes, the two young men had committed just a "minor" robbery, but it was still a robbery. Yes, the victim was unarmed, but engaging in a physical struggle with a uniformed policeman is illegal and inappropriate! The robbery and the young man's behavior probably put the officer on edge and sent a message to the officer that he had to be ultra careful. The officer probably did think the young man was armed. In today's world where so much of the public is armed, often legally carrying concealed weapons, police officers put their lives on the line in a major way each and every time they clock in to work. It seems like adrenaline and carnal instincts took over here… unfortunately with the saddest result possible.

13 2015-09-02 10:59:39 - Emily G.

I think Obama is engaging in the best strategy for a difficult situation. The parrelles to Vietnam are tenous. His goal isn't to conquer or hold land or pile up as large a body count as possible, or even to persuade some population that they need to adhere to a given political philosophy, it is merely to make ISIS, as currently constituted, an untenable enterprise. Continuous bombing of vital infastructure, soldiers and sanctions are pretty good at that, because the fact is they can go on practically in perpetuity. The American public has very little tolerance for prolonged deployments or casualties; however, I don't think there is any evidence that the We have grown or will ever grow tired of Bombing Islamic terrorists. In so far as it is reasonable to portray them as such.

WIth the Obama doctrine, it is perfectly acceptable for Iraq to have a federalized quazi independant state of sunnistan... in so far as it is stable and not overly radicalized, it is also perfectly acceptable for shia Iraq to reconquer the rest of the sunni states in western Iraq. It is also perfectly acceptable to have some combination of the two. The flexibility of acceptable outcome means that it is much harder for Obama's strategy to fail in the long run, provided we keep ground forces out of the picture. The second they are introduced in any meaningful number the clock begins to tick. Without ground forces, the strategy can work... in so far as Obama sucessors understand that fact.

1 2015-08-03 10:00:29 - Jason

Your kids are lucky you have the foresight and flexibility to approach these issues reasonably. In our family the key has been good communication and trust among siblings (we are four, and three of us get along well--the fourth, not so much). I lived a mile from our mom for five years after she was diagnosed with dementia, but still capable of unassisted living. My brother, per my dad's will, has always been in charge of her finances and we trust him completely. That makes a huge difference. Now that I no longer live nearby, my mom has round the clock care in her home (she has always refused to move), which she very luckily can afford, My brother, who lives 3000 miles away shoulders the responsibility for overseeing her well-being and can fortunately visit frequently. My sister and I are grateful to him beyond words and still tease him about being the favored child (lucky him--that child). Every family, including ours, has ongoing parent/child and sibling issues but it helps if you can communicate with your kids and they can communicate with each other. Working on issues relating to our mother's care has brought three of the four of us closer to one another, which is wonderful in it's way, despite the sadness of watching her decline.

0 2015-01-08 16:01:46 - BKB

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