Signs Or Symptoms Of A Heart Attack


I don't think that asking them to limit their exposure to the public is unreasonable, as medical professionals I would have thought it was something they would do on their own, even if they have no visible signs of the illness and not do something as irresponsible as going bowling with a fever/cold like symptoms.
Given how devastating this outbreak has been and how much fear it has generated they should contribute to not spreading panic stateside and deal with the quarantine situation with some degree of tolerance because I am almost certain their neighbors and coworkers will thank them in the end.

25 2017-06-11 21:30:14 - CPR

Bear in mind that Dr. Craig Spencer had no symptoms...until he did.... and then the searching and sanitizing and the expense and the worry of people who came in contact with him just before he became symptomatic needs to be factored into all our thinking. It is too easy to say that right now she shows no signs of Ebola and that she will check herself into a hospital if she has a fever.... remember, about 15% of Ebola patients do not first present with fever....

3 2016-07-21 02:33:53 - Darchitect

As a physician, the anecdote is priceless. In my 22 years practicing ophthalmology, sometimes that is all I have to lead me to something I can provide for my patient. A colleague who says "I had a patient like that once..." Not all patients have read the textbooks, and don't present with symptoms or signs that are easily pigeon holed. Not all illnesses have easy, well defined testing strategies. Research is wonderful, and has led to many improvements in my specialty, but sometimes all we have to go on is a hunch and someone else's story.

5 2015-11-08 05:14:14 - Texas Mom

Doctors and parents ought to learn the enneagram and other typologies so they understand that different personality structures can appear as ADHD. Adapting to a children's learning style is a much healthier option than medicating them to adapt to ours.

It may also be that some of these children have symptoms of a different kind... signs of ambivalent and disorganized attachment, which stem from inconsistent and distracted parenting. That may in turn be due to acquiring ADHD from the level of distraction we allow ourselves with all our electronics and over-scheduling.

12 2015-10-14 18:39:48 - Barbara

According to Wikipedia: "The potential for widespread EVD infections is considered low as the disease is only spread by direct contact with the secretions from someone who is showing signs of infection.[17] The quick onset of symptoms makes it easier to identify sick individuals and limits a person's ability to spread the disease by traveling."

2 2015-08-02 01:42:42 - Bill Gilwood

A brief period of low mood does not constitute clinical depression, which is a systemic condition rooted in brain chemistry the pervades the individual's entire being with a range of signs and symptoms.

4 2015-05-23 00:27:40 - mls

because giving hte test was a stupid thing to do for its almost always inaccurate until after symptoms appear or even days afterwards.. giving a blood test that then comes back negative is deceiving to the public at the very least. and not showing signs of sickness also is deceptive for according to a WHO report approx.. 13% don't even develop a fever.

12 2015-03-14 11:47:29 - lou andrews

1. Perhaps with the first symptoms of Ebola (feeling 'funny' or 'sluggish') a person's judgement of his or her situation is not completely reliable, therefore the person might more easily make poor decisions about his or her actions than one might expect (flying, bowling?). When a person does not feel completely 'normal' or 'well' often the first reaction is denial - which would not be surprising for someone who might have in the back of his/her mind that he/she could be infected with Ebola. This is yet another argument for more stringent isolation for healthcare workers or anyone who has had close contact with Ebola patients.
2. I agree completely that 100.4 is way too high a temperature as a first diagnostic criterion for fever - often the first signs of a fever are in the range of slightly above 99. The first symptoms should be ANY symptoms that are out of the ordinary.
3. It appears that Ebola is contagious in ways that are not well understood - the authorities should not be misleading the public. Dr. Spencer used maximum protective equipment yet he has become infected and no one knows how.
4. It seems completely irresponsible to treat any Ebola patient with extreme measures (CPR, intubation, dialysis) that have almost no chance of success. Putting healthcare workers at risk to perform such life saving measures seems extremely foolish (and perhaps is merely a sign that hospitals are worried they will be sued if they don't take such measures).

1 2014-11-21 22:49:24 - BB

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