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it is a game. some smart person someplace figured out a way to increase profit at society's expense. so now we know, the government can close the loophole (we hope) and the smart people will go on seeking other ways to profit. It would be nice if goldman said - hey, we can make a bunch of money doing nothing but that would not be nice - unlikely. The company, the press, the government do their dance. I guess when we stopped being angry or shocked then that is when we should really worry, goldman gets away with extracting our pennies that add up to billions and no one tries to prevent it. Frankly a lot of the world relies on the inefficiency of the workplace to survive let alone profit. As most of us who have worked anywhere we know that we get paid even when we stare out the window, do something useless or work on things that are dead ends.

1 2017-01-02 02:35:07 - A Ferencz

On the contrary, helping animals increases our humanity and compassion.

In some notable ways, helping animals is literally helping people. For instance, after hurricane Katrina, we learned that some people will not leave their animals in a disaster, so you can save more people by letting them bring their animals along if they're forced to evacuate. This simple fact can save many lives, both human and animal.

2 2016-12-02 05:48:04 - DW

-- "Other research has found that simply having a firearm in the household is correlated with an increased risk of accidental shooting death."

Is that a major epiphany? You needed research for that?
Owning a vehicle has an even more dramatic effect on risks of death via car accidents. Yet cars are used for transportation and guns save lives – both legitimate goals.

-- "A commercially successful smart gun has, in fact, proved difficult to develop."

Thank you. When the NJ legislature was contemplating mandating the "smart gun" by law, the NJ State Police demanded to be exempted from this lunacy. The "smart gun" is a mirage, and all the gun-control advocates out there that have been sternly advocating incorporating such technology into guns by law have been engaging in fraudulent advocacy.

-- “My child living is more important to me than somebody stealing my flat screen,” she said."

This is called a false dichotomy. Most of the responsible gun owners do not engage in such illusory trade-offs. Store guns properly -- and children will not be victims of accidental gun discharge.

Guns save lives, tens of thousands every year. Negligence in storing, or unsafe use of, firearms is inexcusable. However, in no way do such instances, unfortunate as they are, warrant restricting gun ownership.

14 2016-02-11 04:20:42 - Norman G. Ehrlich

Back when I was starting my IT office career in the mid-80's, one of the retirement "smart move" suggestions was to save as much as you could in your company's retirement programs. At a non-profit, that was a 403-B for me.

I drank the Kool-Aid with extreme vigor, and put aside everything the company investment laws allowed. This included a match program as well as a supplemental annuity program where you could have even MORE deducted from your paycheck. I was basically having 20% of my check taken out and put toward retirement. And at the age of 26, I had the energy to tend bar at night and make up those deductions with some walkin' around cash money.

I didn't know it at the time, but I was riding a helluva bull market for a good 15+ years. Again, conventional wisdom said to keep your nest egg in stocks if you didn't need it for years down the road, so I did. And we've had some major crashes since, where I took a 50% shave in 2001.....watched it build back up, only to get another 50% shave in 2007. But 50% of a big run-up still left me with more than the average bear.

I haven't put a dime of new money in since 2001 when I left the office to play the Blues, and 12 years later I'm at new all-time highs in my accounts. They call it the "Rule of Compounding Interest" for a reason.

Moral to the yutes starting out in the working world? Save, save, save. And do it early. You'll thank me (much) later.

225 2015-12-18 06:50:16 - Sarasota Blues

Increasing the number of drowsey truckers on the highways is a serious threat to public safety. The demand for trucked goods has stressed oiur existing trucking capacity. To allow the economy grow and meet the needs of a growing population, we already know that the trucked goods will double my mid-century. Clearly, we need a better solution.

Drs. James Powell and Gordon Danby, the inventors of superconducting Maglev, have proposed increasing the capacity of the Interstate Highway System with 300 mph Maglev guideways constructed on the rights-of-ways of the Interstates and used it for carrying trucks in roll-on, roll-off Maglev vehicles (see as well as passengers. This system will save lives, save the cost of trucking for the truckers and the consumer and the good news, the system can be built with private funding and it can be competed in 20 years. To get started the truck carrying system and vehicles must be tested by the government. If Congress is smart they will attach a rider to the omnibus spending bill to fund a SC Maglev Test Facility so that this system can compete for meeting the Nation's furture needs.

The National Maglev Network built along the Interstates was 1st announced by the late Senator Pat Moynihan but we have learned that the idea of using the rights-of-ways of the Interstates was proposeded by the then new Senator Harry Reid of NV, the outgoing Senate Majority Leader, who can bring this unique transport system to the country.

2 2015-11-10 07:36:18 - James Jordan

Republicans do seem to act like lunatics. But after all, we are a representative democracy, and you have to appeal to your base.

This is why Democrats are in trouble. Smart people see shades of gray. They have to consider all sides of an issue and look at competing needs. Smart people are smart in a hundred different ways, but dumb people are all dumb in the same way. That makes wooing the "low-information" voter a lot easier than making the case to people who are actually paying attention to what you're saying.

And then there's the money. When you factor in that Republicans are getting paid handsomely for lying to fools, well, game over.

So we will have oil pipelines that aren't really necessary, and we'll get rid of Obamacare because Obama is a Kenyan anti-colonial liar, and global warming is a conspiracy theory.

There is a little-known bright side to all of this. It turns out that if enough people wear aluminum foil hats, so much sunlight will be reflected back into space that it will actually cool the earth. I know it's true because I heard it on Fox news.

56 2015-10-12 09:14:11 - gemli

So, people lost jobs because unemployment was extended, right? Could that also mean employers laid people off to save money because they knew their employees would get unemployment? How many ways do you want to spin this? People who had been gainfully employed lost their jobs. There is nothing to say they wanted to lose them.

0 2015-08-25 05:24:49 - JKile

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