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Thankfully Nixon died ignominiously and generally vilified before being able to gloat about his "victory" in the south. Whether he will be regarded as, "One of the great political figures in American history" will be left to history to decide. However, I wouldn't be holding my breath too long in the hope of Nixon being rehabilitated in American political memory.

0 2016-08-16 14:56:53 - MaxtheSFCat

So this man was simply doing the job he was assigned to do - and got fired because the Secret Service wasn't doing their job.
As for his arrest record - he was never convicted of any crime - so the arrests mean nothing. Having grown up black in South Central LA - I myself have been arrested several times for suspicion of various crimes - all nonsense. Almost ALL black men in communities like this can say the same. Those arrests say more about American racism than anything else.
Give this good man his job back!

365 2016-08-11 07:36:47 - lehomme

Very true JimBob. and if we weren't the ones doing the actual torture we ran plenty of torture Academys teaching how to torture- we taught the many South American military regimes involved in the so-called Dirty War of the 1970s how to torture with impunity.

5 2015-12-08 03:40:36 - LittlebearNYC

"But the key reason we failed in Vietnam was that the communists managed to harness the Vietnamese nationalist narrative much more effectively than our South Vietnamese allies, who were too often seen as corrupt or illegitimate."

Mr. Friedman,
You are seeking to excuse ignorance and bad American foreign policy. The Country was in the grip of communism hysteria, I was in graduate school then; I remember a professor having difficulty assigning reading chapters from Das Kapital.

7 2015-11-25 02:51:22 - Angelino

You should take the time to read about "Sundown towns" or "Sundown Laws". Racism widely embraced by those outside the South with the American flag flying proudly over their towns.

1 2015-10-18 04:51:28 - Ken

A tough piece for all our right wing people. A careful analysis here will just show that their ideas about what makes American great do not hold up under intense light. All the tax reduction and feeding of the rich since the beginning of the Reagan administration are actually not working for the average American. The Bush Tax cut, at least as substantial as the Reagan ones have not help the average American at all -- not at all.

Given the substantial immigration into Europe, even their race based theories will not work. You can read them in comments right here.

The country has been taken over by the US South's model for society and workers. Workers are paid as little as possible. It is not working. It is destroying demand and weakening the economy in addition to bad effect on the workers themselves.

6 2015-10-10 23:26:47 - Jim inNJ

The "American-trained" officers and soldiers fled. So what does this tell us? The same thing the South Vietnamese Army told us: WE CANNOT TRAIN SOLDIERS FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY TO DEFEND PRINCIPLES THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND. The notion that we can go into a NON-Western country, and teach the people how to live according to the values of Jeffersonian democracy and pluralism is a fantasy.

5 2015-08-22 20:58:20 - Dr. Dillamond

I think it might do you some good to learn about WHY children of "illegal" immigrants don't go to college. Also, you may want to look into what's happened in Latin/South America economically since the 80's that pushes more people to come to the U.S. Also, unfortunately for many poor migrant parents, "feeding their families" IS the American dream - it's at least better than what they expect to be able to do back in their economically tattered home countries.

4 2015-04-10 16:28:54 - SaraJ

One might suppose with good reason that it's only a matter of time when such an expose will focus on the "news" media. Then the fate of our nation will follow that of any South American banana republic, India, China, etc.: more and more people, less and less individual rights or freedoms.

0 2015-02-15 03:22:38 - Harleys R. Toofuknloud

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