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I live in Alaska, where Begich (D) is hoping to retain his Senate seat against challenger Sullivan (R). I've been receiving expensive heavy glossy-stock ads practically every day lately from some group I can't even identify, supporting Sullivan. The place is absolutely flooded with outside money, and it makes me despair because I have essentially no voice. There is no amount of money I could spend -- because I simply don't have it -- that would get 1% of the volume of these outside groups (all anonymous, of course).

32 2018-10-16 22:48:15 - mbs

I hate to keep adding to my comment, but I'm trying to distill the NYTs and Sullivan paper down to its essence.

Sullivan basically argues that Apple should allocate 50% of its income to US sources, and not 30%. The NYTs states that Apple paid "cash" taxes of $3.3B, and we know to Sulivan's surprise that Apple recorded taxes accounted for of $8.3B. The balance, $5B, is deferred until repatriated.

Since Sullivan concludes that Apple would have paid ~$6B in US taxes if 50% is US income and ~$8.4B if 70% is US income, it is interesting that Apple has actually accounted for and set aside, $8.3B.

The numbers are approximate because Sullivan uses a US corp tax rate of 35%, and I use the estimated US tax rate that Sullivan calculates of 29%, but it appears that Apple is calculating that more than 70% of its global income will eventually be taxed at its US corporate tax rate, just as Sullivan wishes. There are no missing "billions".

2 2016-09-13 02:32:48 - Ken Cheng

The New York media pays attention to the FDNY every so often, and an interview with Dennis Smith during the war years in the South Bronx led to "Report from Engine Company 82" and the road to fame and fortune for an Irish firefighter who was hired because he was Irish. Sullivan's hire would not be an issue in DC or Detroit or Chicago. Kudos to Sullivan.

7 2016-08-26 22:09:13 - Barry

I remember some dialogue between Ed Sullivan and Topo Gigio on The Ed Sullivan Show, in which they were talking about a telephone call, and I think Ed Sullivan asked, "Is this call person to person?" and Topo Gigio answered, "No, it's mouse to mouse." I think the goal is to relate to each other as person to person (or mouse to mouse), but I am not sure everybody even thinks this is the goal. We tend to be very attuned to signs of social status, I think, instead. I wonder how much of the unconscious racist attitudes would fade if we tried more actively to focus on relating to people as people, to a person as a person.

25 2016-02-23 02:27:48 - Diana Moses

Kudos to Firefighter Jordan Sullivan and his colleagues of Ladder Co. 105. I learned a lot about how the firemen fight fires in this article; very informative. Best of luck to Firefighter Sullivan and his colleagues.

10 2015-09-19 10:51:28 - Aspen

This is neither Europe vs USA nor internet companies vs the people (which people by the way?) but Old money and power vs New money and power I'm afraid. Neither Springer nor Hachette is fighting for the interests of the people (whoever that might be) - nor incidentally for the interests of the authors they make a living of as is clear in the Amazon conflict. Springer and Hachette wage the well-known war to broaden their pie share by manipulating public opinions in making them believe the fight is for their freedom (or privacy or consumer rights or whatever momentarily captures the mind of today's politically illiterate masses thanks to the media - remember Springer and Hachette are media groups with such a leverage). Wake up, there is no white knight here.

4 2015-04-02 16:37:12 - Veronique Wiesinger

Please look again: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00204-013-1127-0/fulltext.html
Same kind of science myth as the exaggerated iron content of spinach. Confirmation by repetition.

0 2014-11-06 19:27:14 - Norbert Zillatron

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