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Miriam, don't that sum it up. Hollywood is where real Americans get their science knowledge, and they're proud of it.

1 2017-07-13 06:59:32 - DW

At last, a glimmer of real intelligence, so rare on the comments section of this newspaper.

3 2017-03-17 08:03:08 - maynardGkeynes

You forgot Apples no pay federal tax policy, steve was a real patriot....

2 2015-11-29 17:28:30 - airblade

Kenya, you should write a memoir. Your comment is complex, real and there is a story in it.

12 2015-10-01 03:30:50 - H. G.

That's nothing for somebody who came of age in the mid 1970s. Inflation, stagflation (remember that one) were real problems in those days.

1 2015-09-07 17:07:24 - Maloyo

Hopefully the Republicans will provide a real second choice. Based on recent history this is noy likely.

1 2015-06-17 05:45:08 - Banicki

I can't wait for the Congress to reconvene. It will interesting to see how the people we hired two years or more past respond to the election. Finding really dumb people on TV isn't that difficult. The really dumb are everywhere and have always been with us just like the poor. This fine specimen proves you don't need to be very bright to succeed in life. Good for him.

My own Congressional district managed to replace a fellow traveler of Mr. Kernen, Paul Broun, with a man that makes both appear to be geniuses in vein of Newton and Einstein. Jody Hice will give Louie Gohmert some real competition for most incredible sound bite and make the world forget Michelle Bachmann. It may be hyperbolic to claim Republicans are the party of stupid people just because these people open their mouths in public. It is the fault of the people who elect them after all. Beyond providing endless hours of amusement how much real damage can they do?

2 2015-02-06 06:11:24 - Kyle Reising

Its great that Mr. Douthat knows so much about 4th century councils but most of the rest of us don't throw around terms such as Arianism or sola ecclesia. It seems that the pope asked the bishops to start looking at people's real lives and problems. As for Jesus's admonitions against divorce it was a radical departure of the practice of the time when men could simply throw the woman out of the house with no rights and marry again.

I will believe that this church stands on teachings of the New Testament when those who do not love their enemies and those who judge are denied communion along with those who do not sell all that they have and give to the poor.

Forget talk of Arianism, real people are suffering under these teachings, too often women who feel obliged to stay in abusive marriages. Let's have a church that takes domestic violence seriously. On that issue this church is in fact far behind the NFL, an organization that really has not true moral obligation to deal with that.

14 2014-11-09 05:26:38 - Duffy

The difference between Big Data vs. one little tiny real human being. Goliath vs. David.

2 2014-11-08 19:46:16 - Lori

More likely megalomania. He obviously had no real knowledge of the feelings of the recipient and was taking a chance.

1 2014-11-07 19:07:12 - s. berger

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