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Another reason "the people" (and you know who you are) are unaware is they have yet to read Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Thomas Piketty like Marx rises income inequality from the death to life. Visually astounding graphs and easy to grasp equations fill the pages. The author's arguments are data driven and the problems clearly stated. When these facts are brought to light, the people via the vote (I hope) will demand and end to this insanity.

7 2017-11-24 10:23:46 - tom barloon

Helping the ebola affected nations is laudable. But a quarantine in the USA makes sense and should be stated so by those returning home. Leaving it up to one-self simply will not work, and that case has been proven!

13 2017-06-25 02:57:41 - CLAY

You stated that the link between wages and productivity ended around 1980. Does anyone notice that that is about the time of "great" Reagan administration when he stated "government IS the problem"? Could there be a connection?

6 2016-05-17 03:30:58 - rhuhner

A new discussion could be on the horizon: Positioning children for academic achievement is an investment. Helping them catch up from academic struggle is a cost.

I'm the founder of 10 Books A Home (10BH), an early education nonprofit that is addressing the issues of language development and parent-child talk through the recruitment of volunteers who are trained to provide free home tutoring to preschool-aged children and their parents.

What many professional families can take for granted (i.e. dynamic conversations, daily family reading, asking stimulating questions, etc.) is what 10BH encourages lower-income households to build a culture around. These practices are simple and practical for families to adopt.

One 10BH mother recently said, “I know it’s hard for working parents to focus on their children’s education. But, everyone has ten minutes to ask their child about their day at school.” Another 10BH parent stated, "Now, we take the time to read to her or explain things. I believe that if a parent has the will to take the time, then anything is possible.”

1 2016-01-15 01:54:13 - Paul Thiebaut III

I'm an urban school teacher. I teach low-income kids and meet with low-income parents day in, day out.

Here's my observation: There are 2 kinds of low-income parents: industrious and not-industrious.
The kids with industrious, on-the-ball, child-centered parents (especially mothers) excel regardless of the family's income.

The kids with the other type of parent(s), fall further and further behind.

It has nothing to do with how much or the quality of language spoken in the home; it has everything to do with the mother's interests and cognitive abilities.

The kids with the lowest academic skills and worst behavior problems live with mothers who seem to have zero academic interests or skills or drive. And there are thousands of them. THAT'S what dooms poor kids and the teachers who work with them (because the teachers are blamed for the child's lack of performance).

Modeling for industrious mothers/parents is a good thing, but it will not address the other type of mother/parent. And the schools can't make up the difference.

47 2015-12-16 05:05:47 - Honeybee

Well stated, Mr. Verhovek. Well stated.

3 2015-07-08 14:01:15 - onlineprof

Many others have already expressed the appreciation for your beautiful writing style and ability to express aspects of your experiences.

One aspect which hit home but seemed incongruous was the sudden departure of your husband. If possible and if relevant I would love to understand further what happened (was it related to dealing with the condition ? Was it really as easy to just absorb as stated ? etc.)

Thanks and best wishes on your journey.

2 2015-05-27 11:18:11 - amiableCDN

"In other words, women are more likely to stay out of the work force if there is a big risk that they will make more than their husbands."

I think it's more likely that women who are likely to be high earners choose to stay out of the workforce because their husband is also likely a high earner, and it's more convenient for the husband to work full time, and the woman assume the domestic responsibilities.

As also stated, women are less likely to marry a man who makes less money than them. If his income is reasonably close to hers, it makes sense that if they can live comfortably on one income that it would result in traditional gender roles at the sacrifice of a small difference in income.

31 2015-04-04 15:28:53 - Bad Dingo

Recent studies have also confirmed that there is a difference in the marriage practices between lower income and higher income adults. Higher income ones tend to get married before having children, and once married, they tend more to stay married. This study managed to avoid any discussion of single versus dual parent families, perhaps because it would be politically incorrect to point out the correlation between speaking skills of children and whether they come from a home with simply pone parent, or two. Once again, some level of personal responsibility would go a long ways to solve the problem, instead of requiring all taxpayers to pay to solve the problem of a segment.

18 2014-11-20 17:46:01 - luxembourg

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