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Okay for Turkey. Turkey isn't to be blamed. But why the USA and allied forces not acting with their ground forces. Why just Turkey.

2 2017-02-28 20:44:39 - Fatih Koncuk

US standing in the entire world, not only in Cuba, would be so much better if the government would follow a DFR policy, that's 'Decency in Foreign Relations'. Let me remind you about US congressman William C. Fulbright and his message in "the arrogance of power". I wish everyone would take the time to read it. Today, almost twenty years after his death, being an allied of the US is getting all the time more of an embarrassment.
O.Moltumyr, Norway

3 2016-09-10 01:42:57 - Øyvin Moltumyr

This is Hitler in Islamist clothing joint allied forces from Europe and the surrounding Arab States need to go in there and stop these militants now. It's patently obvious that this pattern is not going to end without ground forces. As they gain strength and ground they will be harder to defeat and the cancer will continue to spread emboldened and flush from new conquered resources.

0 2016-04-11 11:54:56 - JBD
In elementary school I was failing math & barely getting by in other subjects, despite my high intelligence test scores. My mother became president of the PTA, & suddenly my grades improved dramatically. In high school, I was getting average grades. Mother sent me to a small private school, where I graduated as valedictorian. Same story in my undergrad yrs, including being told by an administrator I wasn't smart enough to do grad work. I went on to earn a MS in Public Health , an MD and an MBA,, and practiced as a Family Physician for 40yrs. I'm grateful that I had a mother who was wise enough to make the necessary changes in my early academic and social environment. I'm grateful that today's medications were not available, because I'm sure the teachers & administrators, & probably my doctors, would have pushed them. I've been in the medical world long enough to watch some "cures", like other aspects of society, become fashionable for a time, the latest "fix", until they're superseded by something else.
5 2015-11-10 08:53:53 - buddhadoc

"we might wish to reflect that these heavily armed fighters being allowed to cross into Syria had been fighting Turkey's government for years"

That is not true. Turkey is not allowing PKK fighters to help in Kobani. It is only allowing Iraqi Kurds who are from another Kurdish faction that is not allied with the PKK.

1 2015-11-06 16:21:52 - WimR

The reporter makes reference to allied actions at the Battle of the Marne that ultimately "won the war." No one won this miserable war, a stalemate that accomplished precisely nothing. What it did was kill millions while unleashing the forces that spawned a century of nonstop warfare and savagery that continues to the present day.

As the songwriter Sting has noted: Corpulent generals, safe behind lines; history's lessons drown in red wine...

17 2015-06-03 06:02:02 - Leopold

Actually the primary result of the Allied bombing campaign was to kill huge numbers of German civilians, about 700,000 by some estimates. Many armaments factories were moved to captured territory in the east, beyond the reach of bombers. Production increased throughout the war, only collapsing when the advancing Russian armies overran the factories.

3 2014-11-08 06:44:46 - DJ

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