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I might note that "accidents" happen in wartime, and it's easier to arrange accidents when you understand whom they need to happen to and how they operate.

0 2016-08-04 06:09:41 - LW

Senator Susan Collins is a nice person, and once passed as a moderate in Congress, but this sort of activity is extremism of the worst kind. Why subvert rules that are scientifically-derived and are the minimum to protect the workers' and public's safety? I guess it's so trucking firms can reduce their workforce by 15 %. Sounds like a great deal for America!

21 2016-07-30 00:27:48 - bruce

Iran is a very corrupt country regardless of all the sanctions it's under. It has been well documented even where their leader Khomeni confisates other people's property punitively. Now imagine what will befall them when the gates get opened and other capitalistic hyenas join the fray.Ooh what a feast it will be..but who pays the price? As usual the common man not those who already own trucking companies.

2 2016-06-06 06:18:25 - Vosh

Wonderful article about wonderful news. But I have to laugh at this worry: "there are no known cases of malicious attacks on medical devices. Nevertheless,...“Society should be warned about these possibilities." There is a common object that allows someone to literally hack apart the organs of a person at a distance, and it is totally legal--a handgun. Why worry about these remote possibilities while remaining sanguine about the things that actually kill thousands every year? A single death caused by a plane hijacking or device hacking raises so much more alarm than the commonplaces of car accidents and gun accidents.

21 2016-03-30 20:39:20 - Evelyn Elwell Uyemura

That may be "just the way it is" and we may have to, at some level accept it. But let's also not get ourselves diverted by false equivalencies. All these counter-examples are risks of accidents that can happen in a sport, and yes, we all have to accept that accidents happen. But in football, the full-speed impacts are an integral part of the game: the defense is supposed to knock the runner down; the offensive line is supposed to run into, and push aside the defenders. They are not accidents. This is a critical, and very real difference, which should not be used to minimize the issue.

11 2016-01-02 13:08:46 - TDM

This article is dangerous. It spotlights the oddball case while leaving out important details.

ADHD is a serious disease. Poor academic performance is the least of it. Associated impulsiveness leads to bad personal relationships, poor driving and car accidents, other home accidents and overall disfunction in daily life. These patterns of behavior often cause other psychological problems, which can lead to depression, illegal drug abuse and alcoholism.

Better to leave this issue to the medical community and not to journalists with a propensity for sensationalism. We don't want politicians exacerbating the problems, either.

13 2015-07-28 19:07:11 - Demien

It's sad whenever someone dies because of a car manufacturer's mistake, and it's easy to get angry at the automaker and the government for their failings when that happens. But let's not overlook the fact that driving is vastly safer now than it has ever been. With each new safety innovation - once it was seatbelts, now it's computers that pull over and stop the car if the driver falls unconscious - the rate of fatal accidents has dropped - but the bar has been set higher, and the media has become ever more alarmist. Now we flip out over 13 deaths due to ignition switches - a number dwarfed by deaths due to gun accidents and drunk driving.

By all means keep the pressure on automakers and government regulators to improve, but let's keep this in perspective. Car safety is a problem that is well on its way to being licked.

2 2015-07-22 22:04:10 - Michael Brower

Really? I know of NO instance in which a child's life has been saved by anyone (other than a police officer on duty) with a gun. Where is your data?
And, measures have been enacted to prevent children from dying in car accidents (child seats in the back seat, for example). Meanwhile, the gun lobby opposes every measure that would protect children from gun accidents.

2 2015-06-06 03:52:52 - Jessica

Accidents can happen with a potent widely used neurotoxin that’s packaged in bright colors. Accidents can happen with water. Therefore potent neurotoxins are like water?

3 2015-03-10 01:38:42 - mgf

Wonder what the count of children dying in car accidents that are preventable would be. Or does a liberal's crocodile tears are restricted to gun accidents only. Too sorely missing was children's lives saved by guns.

0 2014-11-08 23:05:59 - DEEBEE

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