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Senator Collins ought to know better. Her state, where I reside with my family, is all too familiar with driving toe-to-toe with over the road truckers, as 95 slices our state in half going N/S and is the only way for many of us to 'get there from here', as they say in Maine. These truckers also branch out to the 2-lane, secondary highways that run E/W because of the ruralness of this state. Couple fatigue with often inclement driving conditions in our long winter season, and it's a disaster waiting to happen. I hopped on I-95 at noon today to take a student to a medical appt. and was boxed in by 2 18-wheelers amid snow and slush and slippery roads, reducing my visibility to near zero. Imagine if this trucker was dozing. Susan, what ARE you thinking??

9 2017-02-25 13:37:44 - RMB

You outlined suscinctly what can be our Vesuvius. Our stock and 401ks that we are harbor are useless if those less fortunate all become ill. Mother Nature has crushed advanced societies before us. She can do so again.

3 2016-09-03 08:32:12 - DIane Burley

I'd like to see this type of compassion shown to the illegal kids in our own country. They too are victims of adult decisions. Yet why are they not seen as deserving the right to an education and safe harbor?

126 2015-12-06 21:52:03 - Jadzia

Wouldn't it be Inglorious to show the real force that defeated Hitler: winter sweeping down from the Russian steps. Froze them inside and outside of their tanks.

13 2015-11-23 12:21:11 - Jams O'Donnell

Right. Ms. Moskowitz' opponents rail at what they call "creaming" that is separating the potentially better students from those who are not so lucky. They then go on to illogically assert that if the public schools were not prevented by legal regulations from doing the same thing, they would get the same results as Moskowitz.

That's the point. Public education has been forever in the thralls of the notion that the fair and effective way is to just plop down all children in one classroom instead of addressing real educational needs based on the valid assessments of actual intellect abilities. This maddeningly nonsensical notion has killed public education. If proponents can harbor this notion in the first place, it figures that they can't get the message.

4 2015-10-12 09:36:32 - rob em

"the foreign policy of fear that 9/11 instilled . . . this is because 9/11 was such an emotional blow to the U.S. . . . “not only did we overstate the threat, we reordered our thinking to make it the central organizing principle in shaping our foreign policy.”"

No. It was not 9/11 that instilled that. It was our leadership which chose to use it that way, "Be afraid, be very afraid, and then go shopping."

9/11 was a spectacular, but so was the Boston Marathon bombing at the finish line on live TV, and so was the Oklahoma City bombing. We reacted differently to those, because we were led differently.

The politics of fear was a choice of the Bush Administration, their choice of how to react. Our media jumped on board with the way leadership led us, just as they did after the Maine blew up, after the Lusitania sank, after Pearl Harbor, after the Tonkin Gulf fakes. Leadership is what made the difference each time, and for 9/11 too in the same way.

Yes, is was error. But it was not bin Laden who did it to us. It was Karl Rove and Dick Cheney as the powers behind Bush, who chose by calculation and polling to overstate the threat, to reordered our thinking to make it the central organizing principle of where they led us. They chose to make it so, and they use that unreasoning fear for their nasty, pyschotic purposes.

And Tom Friedman played right along all the way, with nary a word of caution. Now he says it was inevitable, and bin Laden did it. No, that isn't who did it to us.

5 2015-06-30 13:06:41 - Mark Thomason

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