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Christie is at a fund-raiser in Florida while this so-called public health emergency is going on.

There's no better gauge of how benign this entire healthcare "crisis" is. If this were a real crisis, you'd better believe he wouldn't be jetting off to Florida to hobnob with rich donors while all this was going on. He would be in New Jersey, leading the response.

Pure politics, ginned up by two political animals who care about nothing except themselves and their poll numbers, and who think that by stoking fear and playing daddy for us, they'll come out smelling like roses. Sorry, you two yo-yos, you haven't fooled me.

These two bananas (and I'll throw Schumer in there as well) are a complete disgrace. Let this poor woman out of quarantine, or at least improve her living conditions. I dare to say that if this disease were coming from England rather than Africa, the public response would be considerably more sensitive, rational, and restrained.

12 2018-05-07 23:05:17 - Margarets Dad

this is American justice? had Martin being a white, would Zimmerman get out his car with a gun to check him out? Either majority of Americans or residents of Florida are borderline mental case due to too much heat wave. what were these six women were thinking? this is good example of American travesty. I hope no repeat of Los Angeles riot in Florida.

33 2017-02-10 17:34:08 - ihk888

Dear MFW, Yep, make unions illegal; I assume you mean just the "Teacher's Union"? Those pesky "teachers" with their book learin' an all; you think THEY think they're something "special".
I've got news for you; they ARE something special!
If all you're concerned with is "test scores" then, perhaps trying it first in Florida, make the tests easier! Then, as you seem to think, the test scores will rise and everything will be just hunky-dory!
See, problem solved, at least, in Florida.
In the real world, the devastating effects of poverty seem, time and again, one of the primary reasons why education is at an equality crossroads. Making the "learning ground" equal for both urban and suburban kids seems a goal both worth doing and, if we try enough, doable.

2 2016-12-25 19:42:02 - Richard A. Petro

As an aside, it's become almost impossible to grow citrus in one's backyard in Florida due to a variety of diseases and pests, not just greening and canker. One alternative, the avocado, is at risk from a disease that's destroying native red bay trees. So we're left with mangos, persimmons, Florida peaches, and various near-tropical fruits like jaboticaba and lychee.

1 2016-10-10 15:58:07 - D. Martin

When we visit Florida, Sweet Tomatoes is on our must eat there list. Of course, as an uber-salad bar buffet, there are likely some less healthy items available, and any pretense of portion control quickly goes out the window. But we find it a good casual meal at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately they are mostly in Florida and California, and none in the northeast.

0 2016-08-09 15:38:41 - Jim S.

Like Winston, there were other largely unknown foreign workers in Czechoslovakia after Munich who saved Jews, Communists and other targets of the Nazis. Among them were Trevor Chadwick, D. Warriner, and Beatrice Wellington. It is Wellington, a Quaker from Vancouver, Canada, to whom I and my family are forever grateful for enabling us to escape from Prague two months after the Nazi occupation.

16 2016-07-28 19:27:09 - Mike Munk

Not the best examples of "professional chefs" when the only thing the one can cook is the last menu from the Titanic with beef wellington and john dory and the other hasn't cooked a thing besides some brain cells in years.

6 2016-06-01 21:40:42 - SassyPants

So I can see it now:

Justin Timberlake (surrounded by a cast of stars, Jay Lo, JZ, Arod, Leo, Scarlett, et al): McGarry, wha a we got?

McGarry: 'Ember-roasted carrot gelée with smoked egg yolk served alongside compressed mango, pickled mustard seeds and coffee-pickled carrots. Beet Wellington, a dish inspired by a photo of rare beef Wellington I saw on Instagram, roasted over wood chips and steamed. The beets, swathed in a mushroom duxelle, dotted with beet greens, enveloped in puff pastry and accompanied on the plate by a smear of creamed sorrel, a beet bordelaise sauce made with reduced ember-roasted beet juice and a single smoked, glazed date'.

Justin Timberlake : Give it up for McGarry!

Cast of Stars: Woohoo!

1 2015-08-09 10:39:31 - Patrick

Stalker and a murderer is innocent in Florida.

it's not just a good place for medicare fraud any more, it's also a good place to kill black unarmed teens.

Florida what a State of affairs.

150 2015-07-28 13:09:30 - John

The real tragedy here is what happens when you look for Florida state in any national
Ranking of our nation's universities. Nothing. Auburn? Nothing. Alabama? Nothing.
Florida? Nothing. Mississippi and Mississippi state? Oh please....

Detecting a pattern here? Football is literally all these places have. They refuse (as they have refused in k-12) to invest in actual educational activity. Football is a cheap substitute
For the hard work of actually creating a world class university.

The alumni don't care because most don't know they've been hoodwinked - or don't care.

College athletics was supposed to be a competition between students at actual colleges. If you look at how the average state university in the southeast functions, it violates that very first rule. Then we're surprised they don't follow the rest of the rules either?

25 2015-06-21 06:24:54 - Kevin

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